First Day of Spring

posted on: Sunday, March 20, 2011

my little tie-dye boy today

Today is the first day of Spring guys! Yay! We have been having such a blast with my little sister Tiffany. (My dad's daughter.) Káel loves his Tia Tiffany so so much and she is completely smitten with him as well. We spent all day yesterday exploring Noda the arts/hippie district of Charlotte. We ate Fish Tacos for the first time, bought little baubles and nick-nacks.

Today we are going to another one of my girlfriend's baby shower then off to the mall. Tiff has never been to Anthropologie! AH!

Enjoy the pics and the smile of springtime!
pics from today
pics from yesterday below...
fish tacos....not sure i'm a fan.

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  1. That boy of yours is getting so big so fast! Have a great rest of the weekend with your sister!

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  2. I love that second pic. So gentle! Your sister is beautiful and looks like an Indian Princess (and shes got her Daddys eyes). Love to read you had such a good day.

  3. Did you see the tie-dye cupcakes on the Free People blog? (Yes, you got me hooked!) Your sister is a sweet looking girl, these pictures are beautiful. Hope you had a FUN day at Anthropologie! (I've never been either!) :)

  4. what a sweetie... your boy is growing so fast!
    fish tacos...sounds interesting. :P

  5. Just found your blog sort of randomly! Can I tell you I love it already? I love your style and pictures! So cute!

  6. your baby is so cute! i just stumbled upon your blog and love it! promptly read your "about" section and fell in love with your style!

  7. A few thoughts...

    I love fish tacos.
    My sis just visited too.
    Do those amber necklaces work?

  8. oh my. introducing your sister to anthropologie might just change her forever. when i ate meat, i wasn't a fan of the fish taco either. just weird.


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