Goodies In the Mail!

posted on: Monday, November 1, 2010

These fall days are finally starting to look and feel like fall. The air is chilly, which means we get to pull out the jackets and the hoodies. My fav! One of my quirks is that I like to be barefooted after it's rained. Chilly or not. Don't worry, it's not cold enough to catch the sniffles. It rained the other day and I had to step outside for a moment to smell the rainy air, look at the leaves and feel the moist concrete under my toes.

Later in the day we found a package on our doorstep! Yay! I love unexpected surprises in the mail. It was from my Gran. She put together an amazing package for Káel and me.

Amazing little body suit from baby Gap. I LOVE this! Eeeee! Thank you Gran!

Way cute reversible sweat suit, also from baby Gap.

My family is a committed group of hard core Dallas Cowboy fans. Yes, even when they are doing poorly, the boys are still our boys. Now, Káel is initiated into the clan.

Gran also got little Forest man a little fuzzy elephant of his very was an immediate hit with him. <3

Then my favorite of all. A quilt my great-grandma made. It's very old and amazing. My Nama was very loved and passed away when I was around 12. This means the world to me.
Vintage family heirloom quilt made by one of my favorite people-beyond perfection.

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  1. That quilt is gorgeous!!
    And loving the new picture at the top of the blog!!

  2. What gorgeous little smiles he has! :)

  3. Very cute~ :)


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