11 Weeks

posted on: Friday, November 19, 2010

Forest Káel, you are getting so big so fast. I find myself having those age old feelings of not wanting him to get bigger, or change. I want him to snuggle forever. But, at the same moment my heart is insanely in love with each little new stage he achieves. He officially gnaws on my fingers. He grabs things and waves them around like crazy. He loves the ceiling fan at Jessie Mathis' house. His greatest contentment now is when he eats or you hold him up allowing him to stand "on his own". *wink* He LOVES that. He lets out true giggles and belly laughs. Grabbing my hair has been a new thing, I'm not so jazzed about THAT.

His daddy, I swear is his favorite person on the planet. When Sam comes home from work, Káel lights up, stares at him and smiles his biggest, most flirty smile. Sam will be doing something not even making eye contact with Káel and the boy will bust out the most heart melting, full face smile with a giggle. It's so cute. Daddy is the bomb to his little heart. I agree.

The little guy eats enough to fuel a steam engine twice over. He still eats 6 oz ever couple of hours. PLUS, he breast feeds. We were told in his 2 month check up that he is in the 96% in height. So, out of 100 boys his age, he's taller than 96 of them. He's average in weight. My boy is a long thing. No wonder he's been scarfing down the goods.

He certainly looks all stylin' and mister hot stuff like in his duds. Skinny jeans, Diesel high tops, and an EGG windbreaker.

I took him out to our wonderland of leaves to let him "play" and put down in the Gatlyn history books this week of his adventurous little life. Enjoy.

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Sweet heart, I love watching you sleep like you are doing right now. It's amazing how you've overtaken mine and your daddy's heart. I cry just watching you dream. One day, when you are big, blogs might be considered old school, and all these memories and pictures will be fun for you to read and look at. You'll probably laugh at the stories I will tell you. To me they are live memories that I only get to experience once and after that they are only to be remembered. You laugh so much and get so excited over the littlest thing. You help me remember who I am when I look at you. I love you more than my life. You are the most wonderful kiss God has ever blown your daddy and me.

Sweet dreams my love.

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  1. :O Baby skinny jeans!?!?! They're so cute! :) :) :) He is one stylin' little dude :)

  2. LOVE his outfit! and the purple blanket is a great background :) your little guy is a heartbreaker.... SO adorable!! ;)


  3. He is so precious! They grow up too fast..lol, my daughter is about to be 5 months old and weighs 12.5 lbs and is 23 inches. She's in the twentieth percentile..petite little thing.

  4. Oh, Jess. This post made my heart melt. It reminds me of when my four year old little dude, Henry, was Kael's age. I remember wanting to stop time, just desperate for more time to stay right there..no more getting bigger. But then each age brings more joy and fun and heart-melting goodness.

    I'm expecting baby boy #2, our Ezra Atticus, in less than 3 weeks. I cannot wait to do it all over again. I fear my heart will explode from all the love. I love watching you revel in motherhood's bathing light, and you are such a natural. Thank you for sharing all this lovely with us :)

  5. Kael is blessed to have you for his momma!!

  6. Beautiful photos! Look like he enjoyed wearing his infant skinny jeans ;)


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