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posted on: Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sitting at one of the weight machines.

Exercise. Love it. Despise it. Do it. Plan on doing it...

My third trimester has been pretty awesome so far. I'm 30 weeks and biking approximately 10-12 miles 4+ times a week plus my weight training (which I'm utterly addicted to.)

I love working out and being pregnant. It's been interesting to see what my body can still do this far into my pregnancy. I guess we'll see if and/or what kind of difference it will make in my labor/recovery.

Oh, and did I mention swimming! Ah! SO amazingly fabulous! Never before have I appreciated the feeling of being weightless. Give me a pool noodle and let my feet dangle in the deep end-I'm in heaven. It's like a message without hands!

Side stroke and breast stroke have been my favorite pool exercises lately. One thing I've been experimenting with are the yoga moves that tone the rear and the thighs-trying to do them in water. It's been nice! :)

Tomorrow will hopefully be a day of wonderfulness at the pool. Toasting my belly and turning it into a coco bean and toning the bod with some laps. :)

I don't know about anybody else, but I love being pregnant in the summer.

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