Illit Said

posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"learning about nicknames, Illit asked "Is it ok if I call God George?"

"Upon seeing an older woman in the locker room Illit whispered, "Why are her boobies barely attached?"

"Trying to help Lahav like her green cup: "Trees are green, grass is green, green is a very famous color. Everybody knows about green."

-Illit Ferguson 5 yr. old
Jerusalem, Israel

If there is one Twitter everyone should follow it's the twitter of Illit (Ee-leet) Ferguson. These quotes above are only a smidgen of humorous wonder from this little 5 year old.

She is the oldest daughter of one of my dear friends in Israel. She and her little sister where my flowergirls and she is the biggest hoot I have every known!

Whether you want the answers to the worlds most confusing political questions or her take on God, Mommy-hood or the ever present reality of being a big sister-"Illit Said" is THE most authentic bit of laughter you can get.

The Twitter was started when she was 4 she just turned 5 and it is THE most entertaining bit of sunshine you will get each day!

So click HERE and follow IllitSaid

Illit has two little sisters, Lahav and Neveah. Lahav is pictured above here.

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2 thoughts:

  1. I've been following her for probably 6 months or so, and she never stops making me laugh! She is so hilarious.

  2. I love your heart and I love your blog!!!


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