Texas Baby Shower

posted on: Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My parents threw an amazing baby shower for Sam and I in my native home Dallas, Texas!
My sister in law and her husband, Beka and Brandon came with us to celebrate. We arrived a few days before the shower to hang out with my family. We antiqued in Downtown McKinney, ate at the Gaylord Hotel and swam in the warm Texas sun!

The day of the shower was a blast. My parents had a company that comes and makes custom flip books of whoever is at your event set up shop for all of us to make fun, crazy memories of the day!

Us at the Gaylord for lunch.

Sam on a huge chess board. The Gaylord had a special themed display throughout the entire hotel based on Alice in Wonderland.

We decorated with brown glass, mason jars and wild flowers.

Organic food, catered from my mom's favorite place, Whole Foods. The organic mega-super store! :)

We got some little note books for people to write little scribbles, prayers and any words of advice on being a mommy.

My AMAZING parents are the best, and most fun set of folks in the world!

This is the flip book stage! You record a 7 second video and the turn around print it out, cut it and create your very own, old school flip book! They are AMAZING! It was the biggest hit! Everyone got to do a couple and laughed so hard!

Click HERE to check out Flip Books!

Close family friends of mine, who have a daughter named Kathryn who is like my little sister, gave me her favorite childhood story books to read to our little adventurer! I told her, when she gets married and has kiddos I would pass them back to her! Those kind of gifts are my very favorite!
Kathryn is 14.

We had a present toss, that was more fun to watch than anything! :)

We were so blessed by our friends!

These appeared from somewhere, couldn't resist.

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