posted on: Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014. Hello new friend. This year, no rules to break, no goals to fail, just a sincere desire to enjoy the good, hope through the trials and expect beauty in every circumstance. This year I want to truly live from my truest heart and soul and know love deeper and stronger. I look forward to growing older, learning from these coming 365 days, embracing seasons as they evolve and slip away into memories. 

Happy New Year.


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  1. Happy new year Jess! I hope 2014 is filled with all the things you want & more!

    1. thanks cassie! xoxo i hope your new year is above and beyond for you as well!

  2. So beautiful friend. You always capture the heart with perfect words. Oh how I am looking forward to living this this year.

  3. Now that it's March, I hope your year is going well. I, too, made a half-resolution--I just wanted to be more appreciative. I wanted to thank those who mattered, and I wanted to try and be kind to everyone (which, on some days, is a challenge). I just wanted to be happy. That was it. I do hope your day-to-day is going well. You certainly have a beautiful blog, and I have greatly enjoyed stopping by. Actually, one of the first things I realized upon stumbling here was that your blog was designed by Blog Milk! I, too, have a template from Ana! I absolutely love it, but I have a feeling that, in the coming months, I'll want to simplify it further. :)


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