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posted on: Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today, we are going on a road trip to visit dearest friends, in the next state over. I'm so excited for this mini get away with my guys and kindred spirits.  Kael's Uncle Jason is taking Sam and Kael to our boy's first baseball game and I get to meet one of my best friend's babies for the very first time! Ah! Lots of laughter and filled hearts are in order for us, the next few days. I've got the happy, early morning buzz of having packed bags and comfy clothes, ready for hours in the car.

What are your tricks and methods of keeping your wee ones happy for long rides in the car?

Peace to your heart


Today is also a day that my heart is overwhelmed with an intense desire and need to pray, love and comfort. A best friend of mine will be at the doctor's today with her little girl, Sparrow. Many of you have been following along her journey, since she was born with a major heart defect and has undergone 2 open heart surgeries the last 2 years. Well, today they will give her mom, Jessie the date for her last and final surgery sometime this month, which is Sparrow's birthday month. She will be 3. If you have a moment, please pray for and send peace and love her way today. I love this girl as if she were my own and the reality that the most perfect little bird, bursting with personality and soul, has to go through this once more is more overwhelming than I can describe. You can read about Sparrow's journey HERE on Jessie's blog. I know she would love any and all encouragement this month.

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  1. My 2 year old hates the car, so I always make little "busy bags" for him. You know those plastic pencil pouches they have in the school supply aisle? I get a bunch of those at Target for cheap (the Target brand is about a quarter usually on sale, or $0.50 full price) and fill them with soft, car safe things -- like little craft puffs, soft balls, tiny trinkets I find at the dollar store. FLASHCARDS. I hand the bags back one by one, and my son spends a whole lot of time with each bag studying each thing in it and then asking for another one. Lifesavers on big trips!

    Will keep Sparrow in my thoughts. <3


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