Food Truck Friday

posted on: Monday, June 24, 2013

Food Truck Friday is one of my favorite culinary and city loves about Charlotte. Every Friday, there is a buzz of life in the air, as masses of people come out to try delicious plates from half a dozen or so, AMAZING food trucks at South End. The experience is half of the deal. When else would you wait 45 minutes in line just to get a small plate of fish tacos or a black bean burger? But, to's worth it! There are always friends, familiar faces and sweet puppies to be enjoyed.  I LOVE the loud chaos, the buzz of all the people there and the laughs that fill up the space in the background.

This past Food Truck Friday, a group of my best friends and I met up together to share a bit of picnic blanket in the shade. The sweet and savory smells of everything from tacos to crepes tempted our taste buds. We welcomed in the first day of summer with warm sun, the goodness of true friendship and the sounds of our wild children playing and running everywhere. Their sweet laughs reminded me that in every time of happiness or disappointment, present or up-coming, there is always a simple joy to be found and held onto. Hello Summer darling, I'm glad you're here.


My beautiful friends, Anna, Jessie, Lauren and Lorean.

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  1. I looove these and you girls are all so beautiful it makes my heart hurt!

  2. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this sandal company ? It seems to kind of go along with your style and your passion for helping others(which is their mission). Love your blog and style (even if I don't have the guts to be that fancy).


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