Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls!

posted on: Thursday, August 9, 2012

After a recent score of yards and yards of vintage fabrics and trims, I have been working away, crafting lots of new dolls for my Charlie & Nell doll shop! Before the new baby comes, I have set some pretty big goals to try and achieve with my little dolly biz.  I also want to get a jump start before fall rolls around (I can't believe it is right around the corner!) eeek!

Of course I absolutely LOVE making these dolls, but I also have some extra motivation to whip these vintage beauties out right now! We have decided to enroll Kael into a two day a week preschool (just for half a day) with a few of his best little friends. I never really thought I would put Forest boy in preschool and especially so young. But, I have been observing how Kael thrives when he is around people and kids his age. (He is truly Mr. Social!) He loves being challenged and having hands on crafts/activities to stimulate him. Let's face it, with having a new born right as he is turning 2, I won't be able to do finger painting and make cotton ball butterflies with him every week. I'd like to, but the reality of that happening is next to zero!  

Actually, it's really perfect timing and an ideal situation on so many levels. One of my closest girl friend's husband is the principal at the school. I got to visit there last year to watch her daughter and my other friend's son perform their Christmas program. It was SO precious! So, my comfort level is beyond at ease. He starts school right around the time of my due date. I'm also hoping to go a wee bit late so I can take him to his first day. This is such a big deal to my momma heart. 

So, I'm super excited and in total sewing mode. I am hoping my dolly business will help supplement and pay for his tuition. My goal is by mid next week to have half of the ones I've finished up in my shop ! (I've been cutting out tons and tons of outfit combos, doll body parts and stitching countless faces for the holiday season, as well!) There are SO many extra sweet dollies I've made this round! I can't wait to show you guys! I'll be doing that very soon....Below are some sneak peek pics of goodies come. ;)

I hope you all are having a fabulous week! 


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  1. Those dolls are so cute! Wish I had some kind of sewing talent but sadly no haha

  2. These are sooooo adorable. proud of you! I want to open up a little gift boutique and put these in the window! xoxo

  3. Love these! Where can I find your shop? Would make a great present for my daughter's upcoming birthday!



  4. These are so cute! I really enjoy your blog, and instagram! xo

  5. Cute dolls!!!


  6. Eek! The dollies are so adorable! Good for you on keeping going with them. How exciting about preschool for Kael! What a blessing to have such a social boy :) praying all goes well!


  7. I love their glasses! So cute.

  8. I love their glasses! I can't handle the cuteness.

  9. I love their glasses! I can't handle the cuteness.

  10. I'm impressed! You’re definitely talented and patient! Sewing is not a thing for everyone, and at times, it may even seem boring. But you need to appreciate the effort. Also, the end result looks fabulous! Great stuff! :)



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