My Little Soul

posted on: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little boy, you are magical. I cannot tell you how much fun I have had with you these past couple of weeks. It's like I'm getting views into your little soul that I've never had before. Watching you enjoy is the ultimate kiss from life. How is it that you are so amazing? I'm finding that when I hear you call my name so distinctly from the other room, it's like you are singing a love song to me. You call me with such assurance in your voice that my love is yours. As your eyes light up like fireworks when you hear your daddy open the door, coming home from work, I literally feel like my being cannot handle any more goodness. Hearing your squeals and your giggles as you guys wrestle on the living room floor and seeing the joy bursting from your daddy's eyes as you play, takes my happiness to a whole new level of perfection.  On our way to the swimming pool this week, I was singing to you and I caught you looking at me in the rearview mirror with the most adoring look I've ever seen you have. My heart couldn't take it. Our life is so full.

The things you like most lately are: you make any and everything some sort of a gun. Sound effects and all. (I have to say, I think it's the cutest and boyish thing ever.)

Brushing your teeth. Dear goodness you LOVE this right now.

Anyone who gets on floor level with you must be a horse, needing a rider. haha.

Swimming. You love splashing, wading and now venturing out into the deep end. You think you are quite the stud. I agree with you. ;)

You can't get enough of your drums, seeing someone play them or creating your own.

I love you little soul. I can't wait for all the new adventures that are waiting for us!



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  1. Beautifully written. Couldn't has put it better. Having babies is the best thing ever.


  2. aww, so cute!! i'm so excited for my boy of my own

  3. So sweet...and what a perfect picture!

  4. So sweet...and what a precious picture!

  5. Beautiful, Jessica, just beautiful. It takes me back... quite a ways, but it still takes me back to those wonderful days. :-)

  6. I literally cried my eyes out when reading this! This is TRULY the sweetest letter of a momma to a child that I have ever read! Just beautiful! <3

  7. There is truly nothing in the world like baby boys. They are such a blessing; especially to their mamas. <3

  8. Jessica, my little darling - I just read your letter to that amazingly beautiful boy. It was absolutely thrilling to see your love and excitement for your child and his for you. Never let anything take that childlikeness and fun you have with him away or that perception of your Lord and his goodness towards you both. Your joy and happiness is an encouragement and Kael is so blessed to have a momma like you. Love you, Daddy.

  9. I found you through your birth story on Tirzah photography.. it was so amazing! My girl is 9 months and you made me want to do it all again.. it's just such a magical process. And I agree with your post, it's positively crazy how much you can love someone. Everything my daughter does is just amazing, I love watching her grow, learn and explore everyday.. it's all just precious.

  10. This was beautiful. The way you write is so gifted. Through your words emotions come flooding out, and its beautiful. Thank you for sharing this special love between you and little Forest Boy! It's amazing to see you blossom as a momma. You are a wonderful example of what being a loving ,kind, mother should be. I'm pregnant now and hope to be as loving , kind, creative, and steadfast as you are to my baby girl! You're such an encouragement! You're mom and dad must be some amazing people to raise such a beautiful , G-d fearing , woman as you! Thank you for being purely you and never diluted. It's a dying art that this world needs more of! Blessings on you and your house. And blessing on the house of your dad and mom . Thank you again!


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