Friend Week

posted on: Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today is promising to be a lovely day. On days like this, where my window are open and the outside breezes and sounds fill my house, they are my favorite. I'm more inspired to clean, create and just think. Of course, add to that mix, fuzzy curls on a little hearty boy, running around, conquering the world in just his perfection.

I'm 13 weeks pregnant now and starting to feel a bit more energy, which I am so thankful for. My cravings have ranged from Chinese food, a grapefruit obsession, and a desire for bbq that consumed my soul until I stopped and bought the fixings to satisfy it. haha. I feel like I've been way more ravenous with this pregnancy than I was with Káel.

This past week has been friend week for my little Forest friend. Two of his buddies, Oliver and Dash came over to play while their momma, Lauren and I got to talk over a treat of mango sherbet. Then yesterday, we got to go spend the morning with Ndi, Salem and their Momma, Hannah at Discovery Place! It was SO much fun! It's amazing to me, the beautiful conversations you can squeeze in while your kids are running around like little explorers. <3 After that adventure, we hopped on over to Sparrow's house to hang out with her while her Momma, Jessie taught art. We played, had snacks and read countless amounts of books. To top it off, two more of my girl friends stopped by with their little baby girls to play!  So, yes, when I say it was friend week for truly was and is. Today, we are going to the park to have yet ANOTHER amazing day of swing sets, slides and sandboxes with a huge handful of littles and their mommas.
Oliver, Dash and Forest

Sparrow and the Forest boy, chillaxing 

Tillie and Kael

I'm really trying to soak up and enjoy these days with Káel, before our next sweetness joins our family to make it all that much brighter. I know park days will become a little more challenging. And going out for play times will have to be figured out all over again once little boho baby #2 comes. So, as much as I can right now, I'm trying to take advantage of these last months of time with my boy alone. Not in a sad way, but in a seizing the moment kind of a way. :)

And as I say that, the first peek of the sun is making it's way from behind the clouds and I am going to close my computer, do a little sweeping and tidying up before we head out for a day of fun. I hope your day is wonderful.


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  1. I love you blog and am so excited to find out if you are having a lil boy or lil girl! I have a question, your baby boys name is Kael right, but you call him Forest Boy too, is that just a nickname or is it his middle name? how did you come about calling him that?

    1. Hey Laura! I can't wait either!!! Yep, his full name is Forest Kael . We mostly call him Kael in real life and Forest boy as more of an endearment. <3

  2. I'm glad things are going well for you! When I was pregnant with my daughter I would do the same thing; have an intense craving and once my hands were on it I wanted nothing to do with it! Your photos are gorgeous.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. Im getting antsy wondering what this little babe will be! Tillie is adorable!

  4. Oh baby play time is so fun! I think the reason I've felt stifled lately is the lack of sun or just AIR circulation! We are in the pacific northwest and it's just gray gray, rain, dark...cold...yuk! I'm glad you are getting to enjoy some light and fun!

  5. It sounds like ya'll are having an amazing week! :)

  6. Glad you are feeling good! I know what you mean about spending more time with baby #1 before baby #2 gets here :) I'm 22 weeks with our #2 and while it doesn't make me sad... I just want to do as much as we can before everything is harder!

  7. Ohh, I am just so moved and excited about baby #2, Forest is gonna be such a cool big brother! I hope you continue to feel better :)
    All the blessings!

  8. It's so good that your surrounded by so many friends for your little one to have playdates with! I'm getting ready for #3 in May and anxious about how our life will change even more!

  9. I love your son's name! The pictures are so cute!

  10. Cuuuute! And yay for family being in town! So much good news!!

    I have a blog request: I love love love your style, and I would love love love to see how you've incorporated that into your home. I'm moving into my very own place next month (sooo excited!!) and could really use some decorating inspiration. Just a thought (:

  11. Eeeeeek! These children are beautiful! I am in love with your banner, too! It's so lovely. I can't stop smiling.

  12. Seriously one of the things I miss most about living in South Carolina is living near you. :( I so wish Titus could grow up with Kael!! We don't have a lot of toddler friends at the moment as we work the the villages here but God will provide!! And we'll have to hold a play date again when we can! So glad to hear how well things are going for you!!! I love your blog. Helps me feel updated on your life and like we talk everyday or something. lol Love you guys!!!


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