Sparkles and Christmas Time

posted on: Monday, December 19, 2011

We are spending Christmas at our house this year. Sam's side of the family is coming down and so it's put me in hostess mode...which you know I love. Did someone say party? Hmmm? It's bittersweet for me though because,  it will also be the first Christmas that I haven't been with my folks at all. But, I'm trying to count my blessings and be a cheerleader for myself to stay in the holiday spirit. I have to say, this year is my favorite as far as holiday decor goes. I have never been more pleased with my stitchings, and merry crafting! I need and want to take some pictures with my legit camera and do a proper tour, but if for some reason I don't get around to that, I wanted to share my instagram moments with you! :) 

No fireplace in our new little home means my lovely piano acts as mantle and music  piece. ;) 

That huge role of brown paper from my wedding has been drug out of the closet and put to good, stylish use for wrapping presents this year! yay for sewing paper! 

Fresh greens are my faaaaavorite! 

Cozy, cozy, cozy! Who wants to come over for hot chocolate!!??

Yes, I'm onboard the burlap craze. My mom got me started a couple of years back. I had found a bolt of this green burlap at the thrift store for $3 several months ago. So, I thought I'd make some rustic Christmas merriment for my couch! Gold metallic spray paint and cheap stencils from Forest boy's birthday....wallah! Pillow wonder. ;)
More of the same burlap, rope twine I already had, same stencils, same paint...a snip, snip here and a few stichings there-bam! Holiday bunting. Can I just keep these decorations up all year long please? 

My bargain/thrift obsession never fails me. 

I've had way too many fabulous ideas this season! 

Free People inspired stocking project. 

My tree skirt is raw burlap and heavy rope from Lowes. (Also from Káel's bday party.) I've probably spent $20 bucks this year on decor. Re-purposed goodness. 
I made this ornament when I was up in the mountains with my girlfriends a couple weeks ago. We had an ornament craft sesh that was SO much fun. This is what I came up with. I'd like to have some kind of tradition like that every year. Make ornaments with friends. Little memories on our tree. :) 

Yeah...I've mentioned it before, I'm kind of obsessed with metallic spray paint. I mean, it makes life so much more fun you guys! Why put a plain jar on my table, when I could have a festive GOLD one that took 2 min. to spray!? I love it. 

Those two books to the right of Forest boy have been my main source of color inspiration for my decor this year. An old ivory and gold hymnal along with a green, gold and rope color edition of Robin Hood. Little man has been enjoying all the lanterns I have out. He always brings them to me like he's found a treasure. ;)

Happy Christmas you lovelies! I hope you are enjoying this week before the big sparkly day with as little stress as possible. I'm certainly trying to. It's been rough at times, but you know, joy and stress are choices. I'm trying to choose joy. As I sign off, I am reminded of the one gazillion things I have left to do. haha.


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  1. i love it all! will you come decorate my house??

  2. aww! i love your house and your style and your decor and your passion for it all! you're so amazing, jess, wish we lived closer, i would totally come over for hot chocolate! :)

  3. Great job and you are soooo creative and still adorable as ever. I know you will really miss your family--first time away from them at Christmas. Releasing peace and blessing in this new season. Everything looks beautiful. Have a very merry Christmas! Sharon Mullins : ) (Catherine's mom)

  4. Pinterest may explode with all this loveliness! ;)

  5. I want to come over for some hotchocolate!! ha ha The place does look cozy. I started following you through the linkup fest you Ilene and Casey had a couple months back? Or maybe NOvember. Love the blog and loved watching your wedding videos. Your such a sweetie! blessings to your family :).


  6. i love your piano. And great way to display your cards!

  7. You are so stinkin' amazing. I wish I could come over for hot cocoa and Forest snuggles!

  8. everything looks SO gorgeous!

  9. you are such an amazing soul, jess. i can't imagine how hard this past month or so has been, and your positive spirit shines so brightly. your home just oozes love and happiness. and amazing holiday decor :) thank you for being such a beacon of joy for me and so many others.

  10. okay seriously you are so stinkin cute in your glasses!! love the decorations/repurpose!!!

  11. this is the most beautiful simple christmas.

    praying for healing and comfort for your heart in this season of love.


  12. Totally coming over for hot chocolate! LOVE your natural.good fibres.thrifty decor - we must be soul sisters! ;o) Good to see you feeling merry - though I know it's a bittersweet time (have you considered getting a special ornament to represent the baby you lost?) I know my sis-in-law here just got one, and its very special to have as a keepsake too....
    Hugs your way.
    needle and nest design

  13. This is so lovely Jess! Hey - tell me about that new lamp I see....

  14. Lovely! Hope the rest of your December is as cozy as this!


  15. Wow, "joy and stress are choices" just hit me right between the eyes. Good timing, thank you :)

    PS: I've just discovered Nutella Hot Chocolate:

  16. so cozy!!! i'm loving the stocking. thanks for sharing :)

  17. Everything is gorgeous! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  18. Your house looks fabulous and inviting. I adore the buntings as well (and I'm glad I'm not the only one! My husband made fun of mine but tisk-tisk, like I care!)And I love the stocking! My daughter is still sans stocking for her first Christmas and I'm trying to find/come up with something special.

  19. oh, these are all so pretty! You have an amazing taste :) Have a very blessed Christmastime!

  20. Wow! I LOVE the way you decorate! The rustic look is my favorite and I'm trying to decorate my house the same way. You've got great ideas!


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