Hard To Say Goodbye

posted on: Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends moved very far away. I've mentioned Kristina several times here on the blog and shared how much I love her. Let me tell you something about this girl.  She is the kind of friend that always reminds me of who I was, am and want to be, no mater how I feel or see myself in the moment. We get each other's hearts so well, it's crazy! (I will NOT cry...sigh.) She's been a voice of encouragement for me and a sparkle of sunshine.  She was one of the very first friends that I made when I first moved to the Carolinas, right after Sam and I got married. The first time I ever hung out with a group of married gals, as a married lady myself, she was there. We were pregnant together, her little girl was Forest boy's first playmate and I just love the living daylights out of the girl!

Sunday night, I got to hang out with Kristina and her sweet little darlin', Adoration, the night before they hit the road.  I so was  happy that I was able to spend the last evening with them.  I brought Kael with me, so he and his little buddy could enjoy each other again before they left. THE coolest thing happened while we were watching the kiddos play; Adoration took her first steps! I love that little girl like she's my own blood,  so it was a very epic moment.

The whole evening I had to tell myself that she was really leaving. It just didn't and still doesn't seem real. We talked as our babies played, and we reflected on sweet memories we had shared together.  We found ourselves tearing up. It was the sweetest kiss of a moment to my heart!  As we said goodbye, another gush of waterworks were flowing, pretty freely, while I loaded little boy in the car...actually, I was kind of sobbing. It was a sweet moment.

You know, it's funny how it can hit you like a brick in the face, when you realize that there’s gonna be a big empty spot, when someone you really care about is going to be gone. Although, Kristina isn't gone, she's just out exploring with her family, out by the ocean for a while. Right? ;)

We are already planning future vacations down to the beach land of Florida, where they are moving.  And of course we will still have our annual adventure trip with our community of girl friends. A few hundred miles aren’t going to stop THAT from happening! I've also been picturing all the fun and amazing new stories that Kristina and her family will get to experience, as they settle into their new home and life on the beach. That's kept my heart so happy and away from a sad place. We've all been telling her that she HAS to blog extra pictures so we can stay updated. You guys can follow her journey HERE.

I'm gonna miss you Kristina, like nobody's business!  Thank you for being an inspiration of trueness and hope for my heart. I love being your friend. Happy travels and joyful adventures. I can't wait to hear all about it.

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  1. Aaaaw Im sorry your friend is leaving. Just so you know---- FL REALLY ISNT THAT FAR FROM THE CAROLINAS. When we lived in SC we'd go visit my grandpa in FL all the time. Its a whole days drive but who doesnt love ROADTRIPS???

  2. You are so blessed to have such a solid group of women in your life who will stick together no matter where you are. A lot of people don't have that, even with those who are close by in their lives. And one more reason to go to Florida has to be a good thing! :)

  3. *Tear* Love those girls. So awesome that Adoration walked for you guys!!


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