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posted on: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lucy Schwartz has become one of my new favsies . She is a-ma-zing. She's only 21 and already has over 3 albums. I have had her on in my house all week and have been dancing and humming all over the place. The tone in her voice is rich, raspy and wonderful. Her writing style is inspiring to me and her melodies are fabulous. You should youtube her and watch/listen to her other videos. So good. Like I said in my Date Night post, I was able to meet her at The Civil Wars concert and fell in love. She's so genuine when plays/sings. I thought you might enjoy the creative and happy vibes her music bring.

the vid below is my fav

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  1. Stumbled across your blog, great stuff! And love the music, am always looking for new inspiring singer/ thank you!!

  2. I really love her music. I added her to my list of music to pick up when I FINALLY indulge in shopping for myself again someday soon! :)

    Hope you're having an amazing day!

  3. LOVE EM BOTH!!!

  4. She has the sweetest voice - I love her backyard sessions. She is just so good she can sing in her backyard to a camera and it is perfect.

  5. Been keeping tabs on your blog for a while (Sam's an old friend--we both went to Sandhills AG youth group), but haven't ever posted until now. I like Lucy Schwartz, too! I found out about her from the last Shrek movie. (She did a duet with Landon Pigg called Darling I Do.) Gravity, Life in Letters, and Graveyard are some of my favorite songs from her.

    Anyway. I was listening to my playlist with a bunch of her songs on it and thought of you & Káel when one in particular came on. It's called "Little One" and is something she did for a movie, so it's not on her EP, Winter in June, or Life in Letters. URL: It's a sweet song. Hope you enjoy it. :o)

  6. Wow, what a wonderful musical recommendation! She will be on my iPod soon :) Also, love the have the cutest family!


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