Birth Story: Part 1 Boho Baby: Forest Káel Gatlyn

posted on: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yes, I primped my little self up twice in the middle of active labor...I'm not ashamed. ;) 
my man was the gentlest strength to my heart in the middle of the hardest thing I've ever done.
my mom helping through transition

2.5 weeks overdue. Birth. 43 hours labor, 10 hours of which I was stuck at 9cm in transition having to fight against my own body from pushing...

Until you experience it-no one can convey to you the emotions, the unexpected feelings of joy that come at the end and all the mix of pain, tiredness and utter exhaustion that fill in the middle. Every gal's story is different and uniquely crafted with love, pain and hope but, it's all a miracle beyond words.

Dang, having a baby wasn't a piece of cake and not what I was expecting as far as how it all played out. But the result of my labor was the most amazing, incredible and every wonderful word you can think of to describe every bit of wonderfulness as Samuel caught our little boy and handed him to me. Sheer bliss and delight. (the end that is, not the in between, haha)

I haven't blogged in some days due to recovery and hanging with m'baby boy, Forest Kael. (Pronounced just like kale.) I have been blown away to smiles by all the comments and encouraging notes from so many of you! Thank you so much! After it all went down I was pretty pooped and have been collecting my thoughts on how I want to tell our story. There are SO many hysterically funny, heart breaking, hilarious yet heart wrenching and heroic moments that I will share over the next week. :)

My sister in law, Rebekah Fancher of Tirzah Photography came over to document my labor/birth starting when my active labor began. The photos from my birth have redeemed so many moments for me.  I'm going to start you off with the blog she just posted. 

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  1. Congratulations of finally getting to enjoy to physical presents of your precious baby boy. I can't wait until its my turn!
    I also wanted to comment on how much I love that you call your husbands family "in-love" instead of "in-law".

  2. Congrats! He is beautiful. 10 hours at 9cm? That is VERY intense. You're really blessed to have your sister-in-love, I've never seen anyone document a birth like she did. It truly showed every emotion, but really you made giving birth look so beautiful. God bless you guys! Can't wait for part two.

  3. You did amazing Momma! Congratulations and all the light in the world to you and your love nest at this magical time. *happy tears from part one* 8-)

  4. I had a very long transition with my first...but it has gotten better with each successive birth. Hope that is an encouragement!

  5. Oh my gosh. I got a little emotional for you just reading that. 43 hours! You're amazing!! Congratulations to the new family

  6. Jessica, thank you for sharing something so precious on here. I know Bekah and Samuel but, sadly, haven't met you yet... you and the pictures are beautiful and I had to try hard not to cry when I was going through them. Actually, your wedding pictures were lovely and interesting (like an adventure, too, and everything else I've seen is... Thank you thank you for sharing. Your baby is darling. A son. Imagine.

    ~louise y.

  7. Oh wow! He's BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Your a strong strong woman, 43 hours!!

  8. I first read your birth story from your sister in law's blog and let me tell you, I have never cried, laughed and rejoiced so much for a stranger as much I did when reading it. It was pure bliss. :)

  9. wow, thank you so So much. :) <3

  10. i love reading your birth story, good job!

  11. Really and truly amazing. It's amazing what the female body and spirit can do, no? I would have loved to have a birthing experience like that. I'm hoping for something similar the next go around. I almost lost my life and my sons life during pregnancy but I held strong with a lot of will power and prayer and I made it to 39 weeks when nobody thought I could get to 28! My husband and I thought for sure that we would stop after such a horrible pregnancy. I find myself itching for another though. Reading your story makes me want another so much and makes me consider to even try VBAC next time. This had me in tears and has me so inspired. This was a true joy to read.


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