Anthropologie Style Baby Shower

posted on: Friday, May 21, 2010

Ok, so I found this on the Hostess Blog yesterday and had to share it! As baby shower culture has been brought upon me I've been looking into creative ideas for them. I'm not the biggest fan of pastel pinks and blues with little bubble cartoon storks flying around. Just not me.

I'm so excited! I'm like, Please, someone let me plan your shower!? Check this out! Ah!

Love, love, love the handmade owl drink sticks...mmmmmm....
The use of furniture is not only popular at weddings it seems... amazing use and splash of color!
You know I'm lovin' the frames!
I think I'm going to do this in my baby room... I love it.

4 thoughts:

  1. this looks a natural follow on from your wedding.. so very you Jess, i am loving all the owl stuff about right now

  2. Jessica - will you plan mine when I get pregnant????!!!???!!!??

  3. beka-done! you know i will! :) hehe!


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