Sweaters: Out. Tank Tops: In.

posted on: Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 21.

Appointment with Damaris (midwife). She says I'm measuring further along then we thought. Hmmm... my boy's got some growing spurts going on.

So, my bump is growing and my little adventurer is squirming and kicking about. Spring is finally here and the sun tells me I need to put away my winter things. Away with the sweaters and out with the tank tops! woooohooo baby!

Since finding out our little dude is a "dude" I'm finding that you have to dig a little harder to find boho things for little boys. Really, in anything to do with baby. There seem to be more girl options then boy options. Hmmmm... The hunt is on but places like, "L'oved Baby" and others show promise to be good to my boho heart. I can't wait.

Here are a couple of pics from today after a long glorious day out and about with family and loves.

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  1. Hey Girl, boho boy stuff is really really hard to find!! but you can find some cute really different looking stuff if you look hard, ordering online is really one of the only ways, i get a lot of basics for Sam from Old Navy, usually a season ahead when they have their take an extra 50% off thingy, i get like cord pants and they also have a range of organic onsies, then i look on etsy and other places like that for more unusual stuff, like knits & crochets, i like the Swedish style chunky hand knits with the hoods and toggles, but they are hard to find, i have got quite a few bits from England for him already,and some French stuff but i was thinking about making some stuff, anyway, this was too long for a comment lol, hope you, daddy and the lil guy are all great, will send you any links i use that have good boy stuff xxxxx love & hugs Tasha

  2. check out http://www.bodenusa.com
    Mini Boden has some cute applique shirts for babys, just some cute separates that are a little bit different :) you can order a catalog from the site

  3. check out beaniedesigns.com for the cutest hats - i would have to say the equivalent to the hairband for girls!!!!


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