New Year Thoughts

posted on: Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey lovelies! Are you getting in gear for 2011? I'm so excited about this new year! New adventures are waiting for us. So many changes are happening right now in my world. We just found out that we have to move, my baby is getting so big, SO fast and Sam is working on starting his own business. I've learned to see change as a positive thing. I kinda love it. I did cry for just a second when I realized we would be leaving our house forever. I mean, this was our first house together, I labored and gave birth to my son here. All my sweetest memories are here. BUT, then I thought of all the amazing memories to come. Bring 'em on baby!

Here are some little goals I have been pondering. Some are from this week, some I have been thinking up for a while now. Why not have them be inspirations to my own heart.

inspirations for my own heart this 2011

-keep falling in love with my husband as we explore life together
-write more letters to dear loves
-sing more songs
-figure out how to wear lip gloss longer (i always rub it off because i kiss káel all day long and i don't want it to get on his face. haha)
-hide more little love notes around for my lover man
-explore the little coves and shops of nearby towns and cities
-listen more
-when i have a sweet idea for a friend or random person, act on it more often than not
-scribble more of my thoughts, in this blog and in my journal
-strum more tunes on my guitar
-work my little (or soon to be little) tushy out with zumba and start weight training again
-grow my hair out
-instigate more coffee/tea and girl outings with my heart friends
-doodle and design more in my bigger than life sketch book
-soak up every moment with our son as he grows
-work towards being a personal trainer someday (i love encouraging people and think it would be amazing to help fellow moms get/stay in shape)
-finish writing my birth story (yeah, it's taken me some time)

plans for the blog 2011

-create/host a diy (do it yourself) project at least a couple times a month
-feature one of you lovelies (prego/mommy blog reader) once a month (your life, your love, your story)
-be more consistent with the timings of my postings (geez its been sorta challenging with my little forest boy)
-meet and connect with more of you amazing dearies
-start up some boho style/lifestyle vids with the help of my amazing video producer hubby -- featuring topics like:

-affordable ways to have a cute wardrobe while preggerz
-simple and fast hair styles including fun hair wraps
-some of my fav baby gear, the whys and hows
-talks with some of my favorite mommys
-and more...

So excited to start this year with all of you! It's going to be wonderful.

Here is a vid I made on New Year's Eve. :) Enjoy.

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11 thoughts:

  1. Hi there Jessica! I happened upon your very lovely blog today while having a rest (have bubs due in one week:)) and feel very inspired! Thankyou for sharing your beautiful, blessed life! I look forward to reading more and I watched the clip from the wedding reality tv show you did and it was fantastic! Such a lovely wedding!
    Love Martine

  2. aww, yay! i can't wait to see your little guy! i will wait eagerly to see the pics! so happy you got a ray of inspiration today. keep resting up love!

  3. Can't wait to see the boho style vids :) Loved reading your inspirations for 2011. Thanks! x

  4. You are just too precious! I just want to give you a big hug after I read your blogs! I love your goals! I plan on taking Zumba, too once Lily is here. I used to take it and I love it! And you would be an awesome personal trainer!

    Happy New Year, friend!

  5. I love all your inspirations & blog goals, so inspiring!! You are such a lovely person :)
    xo, Jamie

  6. Happy new year!

    I love your list. and bring on all of the cute preggo style ideas (I need them!) and the baby advice (I need that too)...hehe. Love your blog and seeing pics of your sweet familia. 2011 has so much beauty in store!

  7. I am so excited about all these new features!!

  8. Happy New Year Jess! I pray this will be the most amazingly blessed year of your life!! Starting with finding a wonderful place for you and Sam and Kael to live and laugh and explore! I love your 'Inspirations for 2011!'
    Love you!

  9. Happy new year Jess..:)Have been a lurker all the while,but just wanted to come out today and wish you..Love your blog and always look forward to the a FTM,due in May and you are a great inspiration..:)
    Kisses to Kael..:)

  10. you are pretty much the coolest momma blogger i know! i love reading all your stuff. you encourage me as a momma and a writer. its gonna be a great new year, and i look forward to your up and coming post, with all your new ideas :)

  11. I hope that the transition for the move is a smooth one. Thanks for sharing your lovely, wondrous thoughts with all of us readers this past year & peace be with you throughout the upcoming changes!


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