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posted on: Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wearing Isabella Oliver's been one of my favs and one of the very few of my actual maternity articles. Makes me feel a little more on the hot scale... ;)

Well, babies come inevitably and eventually...right.

Yesterday was full of more contractions and more hormonal/emotional tears. ;) I'm trying to remind myself and stay super positive that obviously my body needs these breaks and soon it will all sync up and my baby and I will be cheek to cheek and gaze in each others eyes.

I'm going to eat a yummy salad with Sam then run some errands with my mom to try and get my mind off of "watching for the pot boil." Later we're going to do some organizing, preparing my little abode for the birth.

The biggest thing I think, for a prego gal right now in the state I am in is to remove any and all pressure from my overly active brain. Since my emotions are so rammed up, I am tempted to feel unnecessary pressure to have the baby, NOW! People are waiting and watching, family members and excited and anxious for the little guys' arrival. NONE, I assure you as anxious as myself. Can I get a witness ladies?

I had heard that when you get to the last couple weeks of pregnancy that feelings such as I'm having come into play. I just didn't really realize how strongly. Haha.

So, here's to enjoying the day...if baby boy comes great if he doesn't he will eventually.

Chill out Jess, it's almost here.

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  1. You crack me up. Thank you for the daily posts.

  2. He's almost here indeed! I remember that feeling so well, when I was a week overdue with Oliver I don't think anyone could have eased my nervous/stressed out/weariness. I was just DONE! It seems like we always get there before those little precious ones do. But you are exactly right, your body knows what to do and it will do it when it is ready.
    Talk to that boy and tell him to come on out =)

  3. Callie Acuff sent me your way! We live in the same neighborhood and most likely share lotsa mutual friends. Best wishes with the birth! I look forward to following on here, and maybe meeting in real life soon!

  4. It seems you and bluebirdvintage blogger Miss James are in labour at the same time!!


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