All Is Calm...All is Bright...

posted on: Sunday, August 15, 2010

My yoga ball "bessie" and I have become very close friends these past couple of weeks. ;)
(Got me a sweet tube top yoga dress from Marshall's that was on sale! Gotta love jersey knit! it's a preggerz' bestest friend!)

Yes, I have yet another sea of emotional tales to tell you...

After all the contractions last night and the scattered bit this morning I was beginning to think today might be the day. Sam had to go to work early this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep. So, I put on Night at the Museum 2 on to make myself laugh. I ended up falling back asleep for a good few hours and woke up some what refreshed.

Sam came home, we had a yummy lunch with my folks and then headed to the mall to walk some stairs. (Hoping that would help things along.)

I was doing great until we got back to our house. Then all of a hit me. I'm back at my house, it's past 5 o'clock and nothing is that drastically different than this morning. I WAS having weird crampy feelings down low, but couldn't put all my symptoms into one particular stage of labor. Grrrrrr....

My midwife told me to take a bath and if the cramps didn't stop after that to call her. (I didn't want to take a bath because I was afraid they would stop. The cramps were pretty much my only thing to hold onto that something was actually going on today, so...I wasn't wanting anything to stop. haha!) I had a melt down. I sat on the toilet seat crying and praying that the Lord would just bring him right then. "PLEASE...*sniffle, sob, sniffle*" I whined/prayed pitifully.

Tears... Blubbering on about why, when and never...

I got in the bath, sure enough...things slowed down.

Jordan, the gal who is aprenticing with Damaris (she is stinking a-ma-zing!) came over to my house to examine me and check up on my spirits to see where we might be at on all this. It was SUCH an awesome visit. She assured me, and encouraged me that things were moving along great! :) AAAAAND...He's truly flipped over! No longer posterior! Woooohoooo!!!! EEEEEE!

It can be so frustrating when you are measuring your labor by the book and by other people's stories because every woman's body and baby is uniquely different. What worked for one mom might do absolutely nothing for you. How one lady's labor progressed can be completely different from your own.

FORGET about looking at the cheat sheet which tells you where you are based on how far apart your contractions are! That amount of minutes meaning THIS stage.... and THIS change meaning THIS other stage of labor you're supposed to have reached. I've been having symptoms from all three freaking stages. Not to throw them out entirely by any means...but, I think when you reach the last weeks of your pregnancy and you're not having a cookie cutter, predictable labor experience it can be extremely disheartening to try and place exactly where you are at.

Come to find out, the stuff my body is doing is GREAT! It's easing me into all the stages that will eventually bring my babino into my arms!

I feel so at peace, knowing I'm right where I need to be. With that calm, I have this quiet excitement about having my baby here at my house. It's like this grand production being played out on stage...drama, emotion, love and turmoil at times. Haha. It's fantastic!

I'm surrounded by amazing friends and family who support me and are encouraging the daisies out of me!

I'm so happy.

My brother in law, Brandon who is a spanish translator told me yesterday that saying the phrase to "give birth" in spanish means to "give light," litterally "Dar Luz." Isn't that beautifully awesome! :)

Prego ladies, we have glowing bellies! ;)

All is calm and bright in the Jess and Sam casa today...

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  1. Your so cute jess, love you!

  2. Love your way with words! You will be holding that baby very soon and can't wait to see the magical way you write about it. So glad you share with all the rest of us!

  3. praying for a healthy happy baby Carol from Word Of Jesus Worship Center New York

  4. well, Jess, after reading your blog and thinking back to 41 years ago when I gave birth to my first daughter...I must admit, I am really glad I didn't have all the information that you have. I just waited until the pain was so great that I needed someone to help me and I went to the hospital and rode a rollercoaster of new experiences and went home with my baby. Of course at the time I saw the birth in a much different way then I do today. But I still think I was better off with out all the information that new mothers have today...I know that most will disagree with me...but I kinda liked the surprise and rock and roll of the unknown. My next two births were much different because of the knowledge I had gained from the first birth. I wish you a wonderful and joyous birth of your first child. You will be a fantastic mother.

  5. I think you have a dwaddler

  6. simply beautiful. love that you'll be 'giving light' at home. wishing you the birth experience you've hoped and prepared for! having a natural birth is the most rewarding and empowering event ever... and as you know, your body was made to do it! sending goodness your way!

  7. I tend to come back to this photo. I just love it! you look so great!

  8. I just read over this- I am so at this point lady. Everything you wrote resounds with me right now. Especially the part about "not wanting to bathe because it could slow things down" hello! I am trying not to will myself into labor though...Patience and just getting through the day is my focus right now...


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