Bellies, Fingers and Toes

posted on: Monday, August 2, 2010

Our lovely bellies and toes...

Today I had my weekly chiropractor appointment and then a fabulous pedicure time with my dear friend and fellow preggerz, Jessie Mathis, who herself is due in a couple of weeks with her second, a baby girl! Check out her blog here. :) We felt rather pampered as we got the deluxe toe treatment, warmed wax and all! Even our beautiful fingers got treated to some love. It was SO refreshing! She is such an amazing person, one of the most lovely hearts you'll ever find! (And she's a stinkin' hot momma!) ;)

I came home and had a huge burst of energy. I have read about and heard friends talk about the "nesting" thing that happens when you get close to having your baby. I've experienced little spurts of it sure but not to the degree of some of the stories I was hearing. I have been wondering if something was wrong with me...why haven't I done THAT yet? Well, whether or not nesting is a prerequisite for the telling of soon to be coming labor I definitely brought some twigs to the nest today. I got home and cleaned my house, scrubbed my kitchen floor-did some wash and was looking for something to organize. Yep, sure did. So, I guess I'm in more of the 'bird' phase than I realized. :)

I've been meaning to go to the pool and exercise this week and haven't gotten around to it so, this evening I went swimming over at my parents' pool and did some laps with my mom. Lots of breast strokes to help little man lay the right way and help mommy (me) have the feeling of staying active. ;)

I have to tell you one more thing before I turn off the light switch...we got our little dude THE coolest thing! It's called the "Twilight Turtle Nightlight" and it projects the constellations onto the ceiling, acting as a nightlight through the turtle's shell. We "tested" it last night. (Truth is, we were more excited about it for us I think! HA!) We fell asleep, looking at amber colored stars feeling like little kids.

Twilight Turtle Nightlight

Well, it's been a pregnant day and I'm calling it tomorrow and going to bed. Hopefully I'll get some decent sleep. See you when the birdies sing. :)

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  1. You are so fun, cute and inspirin and will make such a great momma bird! ;-)

  2. Ha ha, that's so funny! I got Bren that turtle around Easter time=) We like to put it on before we go to bed=) The amber is so soothing=)


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