Yes, I'm Huge

posted on: Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last night and this morning I've had cramping that reminds me of period cramps. I must have been having them in my sleep because I was dreaming that I was having them and then in my dream "BAM!" my water broke and labor began. But, I woke up and nothing was out of the usual. My hips were a little achy, my stomach was growling and I had the most intense urge to go pee.

At 38/39ish weeks:

I'm huge
I waddle like a duck
I feel like a water cow on some days and a dreamy, prego goddess on others
Still crave french fries all the time
constantly eat red plums
keep my house like an igloo (sorry Sam...)
wonder what my toes look like (I probably am in dire need of a manicure.)
dreams of sleeping on my tummy again
has been finding myself looking though pics of pre-prego days...(soon and very soon)

Oh dear... My Doula and mid-wife think I'll go into labor this week which puts a little kick to my rear to get things done! Ask me and I'll tell ya I have really no clue. I kinda think later this week but, I don't know. My contractions have been more frequent but I have a very high pain tolerance so I don't know exactly what's going on. Haha!

I moved all our sound recording equipment and loads of guitars, woodwinds and other music dillies into my closet out of little man's. The last bits of organizing are going down today in the Boho Cabin of Jess and Sam.

I was talking to my little dude this morning and realized it's just days away until I can look into his little eyes and sing him silly songs and whisper that I love him.

Last night my parents came along to meet all our friends who live in our neighborhood! We had a little fiesta at Brandon and Beka's house (my sister in law and brother in law). We played rounds of mafia and catch phrase until we were laughing and peeing in our pants! It's was amazing!

my dad and I out getting baby stuff...

I'll be posting a bunch of pics today of the baby room and the adventures of last week.

I better get back to work while I have the energy!

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  1. So funny last night I woke jordan up because you where on my mind. So we prayed for you during the night
    Can't wait to see the little man

  2. oh, I can't wait to see your little prince! I am so excited for you!!

    I'm craving food in general at the moment, and for the first time in life I can actually see that I'm gaining weight! (and it's not the baby that I see yet..) And it's so weird how it now should be totaly ok that people comes up to you and say "hey, you're fat!". Looking forward to see some REAL baby belly:)

    Btw, I love how you write Jess! "I feel like a water cow on some days and a dreamy, prego goddess on others".. hehe:) Love you!

  3. you are so having your baby soon. i can feel it.

  4. sooooon! i just started to follow so i sadly didnt get to watch in on your whole pregnancy! i was hoping to see the belly in this post! being huge is never a down fall, baby bellies are beautiful!


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