Soon, Jess...Soon.

posted on: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So last night Sam and I made a spontaneous run to Target to get tapes for his high tech-videographer's camera. (We are going to be making our own mini documentary of our labor/birth experience.) I browsed around looking at everything wonderful and fabulous...organizational stuff, baby stuff and decor stuff. Eventually I found myself in the clothing section. I found my eyes gravitating to the cute little snug jersey tees. They looked SO wonderfully amazing! I started to picture myself in one of them with my pre-pregnant body and started lifting them off the rack longingly one by one and holding them up. Sigh. Soon Jess, soon...

I love my pregnant figure. Heck yes I do. But, there is a very big (no pun intended) and healthy difference in loving your present pregoness and being settled into the fact that this is just how it is going to be from now on and not seeing any change in the future. Soon, I'm going to have my little son in my arms, drinking from my milky way and I'm going to kick my rear back into shape. Sure, I'm not going to have unrealistic expectations on myself but, I'm still going to make and set some goals that's for sure.

My sweet man told me a few weeks back in a conversation he had entered into with me about baby weight etc...he said, "You know baby, I can't really remember what you looked like before you got pregnant." WHAT?!!!?? I thought to myself, that's freaking terrible!!! Now remember, this is coming from a man who tells me how gorgeous, hot and sexy I am countless times a day. He meant it in a totally sweet way. Um, but truly we needed some serious reminders here.

"Are you SERIOUS?!" I asked. I started going through pics on my facebook, iphone and where ever I could find pics of myself a couple of months before I got preggerz and the first couple months of my pregnancy. "THIS, babe, is what your wife looked like before incubation started."

I got some wide eyed, 'Ooo baby' kinda looks after that as he looked through pics and little video clips we had made together months back. I felt satisfied. ;)

So, seeing my time of being a personal feeding/growing station and spa for my baby is drawing to an end, my friends-I've gotten the not so old pictures out in a file on my desktop and say to myself-Soon, Jess...soon. :)

For your amusement...

Reading a love note Sam sent to me as I was getting ready for our wedding.

Glory! I even forgot what I looked like! HA!

Sam and I the day after our wedding right before we headed off to our honeymoon.

I'm looking forward to being able to do crunches again, climb trees and run full speed to my mail box when I'm excited about a package coming! As much as I love "the waddle" I'm ready to trade it for speed walking or a nice light jog.

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  1. Jess, you rock girl.

    Believe me when I say, as a married man, I will forever have my Bride Goggles on. I'm sure Sam can attest to this, but as my wife was pregnant and then after the baby, I know she's changing, but I still see the woman who stunned me with her beauty at the end of the isle.

    I know you are missing your body, and your mobility. But, don't worry about Sam. I'm sure he's like me in that, he can see the you as that beautiful woman that he has fallen for. :-D

  2. I so love you!!! You are beautiful skinny and beautiful prego! You are just so much fun! Love reading your blog everyday. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  3. "drinking from my milky way" made me laugh. You definitely have a way with words! :)

  4. Ah! I'm going to have to look up some old pictures of myself ... some days it feels like I've always had a punching bowling ball under my shirt :)

  5. You completely make me want to be pregnant again.

  6. I completely understand that sentiment! I love being pregnant and my evergrowing bump. but man sometimes i cannot wait to wear a normal pair of jeans or a little bikini again or just be able to be super active! we are almost there momma!


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