12:31 am...

posted on: Saturday, August 14, 2010

12:31 am...

So, the word out is that I'm in early labor. For real this time? Only time will tell I s'pose.

I've been having contractions all freaking day long! (And for the past week...) But these today, were more noticeable and as the evening progressed (around 9pm after some Five Guys and Fries) they started letting their voices be heard. My body started rocking in a funny way as each one came. Almost like saying, ok, hurry up lets get through this already. Deep breaths kept finding their way out of my throat as well.

After having over 17 very loud contractions in an hour I thought maybe it was worth a call to my midwife and my doula. Sparkles of excitement in both their voices made me smile a little bit. ;)

My mom brought me home from Target and helped me get the last details for our (soon to be?) home birth. Yeah, I've pretty much decided I don't want to leave my house.

Sam and I are about to go on a walk...in the moist luxurious rainy air. (Rain in the evening is like MY FAV!) I'm going to get off my yoga ball now and try to ease some of this babiness going on.

My little sweet heart,

I sure hope I get to kiss your to much of a wonderful thing face today.


8:14 am....

Well, we went on a walk, in the fabulous drizzle. Talked through my contractions and came back home and tried to go to bed.

I had contractions off and on through out the night. I woke up a few times in mega mucho discomfort...but, I was so tired, (thank you Lord I was able to sleep.) I woke up this morning moaning in my sleep, a contraction had woken me up and now I can't sleep. I'm going to do some walking, light snacking and resting. Perhaps little man wants to wait til the sun starts shining. I'm going to take advantage of this last remaining time I have him all to myself and have a momma/son talk. If anything just to sych my heart up.

One thing is for sure, all this activity is a new thing. Today? Please? Today is my actual guess-amation of a due date based on my cycle. August 15th...what goodies to you hold for me today? Hopefully more than just a passing breeze of excitement.

Come out sweet thing, so we can dance together and so daddy and I can show all the cool things out here. You will love all the sounds and pretty things much better from out here than in there.

love babes,


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  1. Wooo hoooohoohooo! I may be your first reader...anyway I'm 37weeks and at the early uncomfortable contractions stage so I get really excited reading your descriptions and remembering how labor feels. Eeee! :)

  2. Dear Momma,

    I am so excited to hear the news... a home birth! I follow many baby blogs and keep my own but of all the blogs I have followed this year with pregos and birth you are the only one so far to have a home birth. I had an AMAZING home birth and secretly hope many woman will share in the magical experience. Best thing I ever did for my family, seriously. I'm so proud of you momma for trusting your body and your baby to do what they are made to do! We're sending so much love and light your way during this precious time. You will do awesome!

    Love Kirby & Desmarais Family

  3. SO EXCITING!!! I found your page on Top Baby Blogs and now I am anxiously reading your blogs, excited about for your baby to come! (I am only 10 weeks, and vicariously living through other momma's or almost momma's!) Great blog!


  4. Oh, poor Jess! You are amazing!!! Mwah!


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