Zulily: A Must

posted on: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being a first time mommy and completely new to this world of baby clothes, high chairs and couture cloth diapers I have navigated my way through to some very sweet places online.

One of them being, "Zulily." A place where you can find chic, hip and wonderfully organic baby items up to 70% off! From designers such as Kate Quinn Organics, Twirls and Twigs and tons more! :) So, you should sign up and enjoy amazing discounts every day! :)

Here are a couple of things I've gotten off Zulily!

Kate Quinn Organics "Basil Ribbed Crew Shirt"
Original Price: $28
Zulily Price: $16

Kate Quinn's Organic "Port Rollover Pants"
Original Prie: $34
Zulily: $20

Kate Quinn Organics "Pomegranate & Midnight Sacque"

Original Price: $30
Zulily Price: $18

Look at these awesome deals that were on Zulily today! Dang, if you have a little girl, mmmmm.... Also great gifts for your girlfriends who have little princesses.

Twirls and Twigs Tank Top and Skirt
Original Price: $64
Zulily: $18.99

Twirls and Twigs, Red, White and Blue Dress with Leggings Infant/Girls
Original Price: $50
Zulily Price: $19.99

Kate Quinn Organics "Midnight and Vanilla Peter Pan Dress"
Original Price: $42
Zulily Price: $24.99

L'Amour Shoes, Orange Mary Janes
Original Price:$30
Zulily Price:$19

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