Sunny Side Up

posted on: Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have an appointment at the chiropractor tomorrow morning. I totally forgot about it until about 10 minutes ago.

My midwife says I'm doing great but our little man seems to be rather indecisive as to what position he wants to come out of the shoot. ;) He is sunny side up, the more proper term is "posterior." Basically, instead of his face facing my tail bone, it's facing my belly button and instead of him laying on his side on my left or right side, his laying on his back. No bueno.

If he decides to stay in the position, it would cause extra back pain, or "back labor." Seeing I'm really not a big fan of extra intensity in the back region or anywhere in my body for that matter, I'm doing things to help him scootch along...

Such as:

not reclining

sitting with my knees below my hip bones (that tilts the pelvis in such a way that encourages the best position)

doing pelvic rocks on my hands and knees (in yoga known as 'cat and cow')


and sitting with my rear in the air (you know, the way you used to sit/sleep as a little kid)

My midwife recommended me to this chiropractor husband/wife team that have helped several of her other moms in the same situation. I'm not a super fan of chiropractors as a whole, I'm picky. I had one in Dallas that is THE bomb but not all of the practices are as thorough as hers is. But, since my midwife, who I love and respect told me to go-this chica is scootching her butt over there. :)

One mom who's baby was in the same position went and got this special adjustment just for this issue, and two days later, pop! The baby came out perfectly.

So, we shall see. I'm just glad I remembered. I've been terrible about forgetting things lately. There was this awesome, pregnant lady dance class that preps you for labor and I missed it two days ago. Thankfully I'm didn't waking up tomorrow and realizing I totally forgot. Ha!

I'll be sure and blog about how it goes.

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  1. my baby was posterior, and I had to forgo my desire for a natural bradley birth because of the INTENSE back labor I had -- she was stuck for 5 hours in the birth canal. I had to get induced and the epidural. Almost even had a c-section, but by God's grace got the baby out vaginally. So these are all great ways you listed to get your little man in a better position. do all you can! have you seen "the business of being born" by ricki lake? it's awesome, and i think you would really enjoy it...

  2. I did not know any of those things at all. I'll make sure to do them to avoid any back labor. Ugh I hate back pain with a passion!

  3. also, i'm pretty much in love with you and your blog.


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