Babymoon Part 2

posted on: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here it is! Part 2!

Sam and I had an amazing day 2 in downtown Wilmington! We had breakfast delivered to our room and enjoyed the morning sun shimmering on the river.

I had spied some awesome shops the day before that I wanted to check out so we spent the afternoon walking the streets, exploring the shops and tasting the yummy foods from various ice cream parlors and restaurants.

Our journey on day 2 first began at a garage-the place I had been looking forward to the most to visit. It was a glass blowing studio where they made and sold their art work! I am utterly fascinated with glass blowing. I saw some program on public television when i was a little kid about it and have had a secret desire to explore that art ever since. One of the ladies who works and creates there told us that they offer classes...BIRTHDAY PRESENT BABY! Um, yes please. So, yes, I told Samuel that's what I wanted for my birthday-a glass blowing class.

"Downtown Wilmington"
"The Planet"
That green and orange awesomeness of a storefront is my now FAVORITE shop on the east coast! It's called "Planet," a shop I would define as selling Up-cycled, Eclectic, Boho-Vintage wares and Urban Outfitter-ish accessories. They sell knickknacks and jewelry from local artists and feature everything from affordable and hip clothes, retro army gear-1950's sets of vintage suitcases-bags galore and a ton more. I was in heaven.

So, there I am shopping and thoroughly enjoying myself, Samuel a couple of stores down. All of a sudden I feel a steady trickling stream running down my leg. I froze.

I had been studying all the different ways your water can break depending on where the bulk of the amniotic fluid is located and how the baby is positioned. One of the ways besides the torrential gush is a steady stream running down your leg. can imagine what was going through my mind. "Shoot, not now I'm 4 hours away from my house!" "Oh my gosh, I don't even own a burp cloth or bottle." "Dang it...Yippee...Oh my gosh...YAY!" "Yay?"

Yes, all those thoughts were floating through my head all at once. Going to the dressing room I realized that it was just sweat. I had my tie-dyed boho skirt on and it was causing more sweat than usual, especially since it was a VERY humid day and I was having hot flashes.

Not quite an almost, but it sure was a fun moment. HA!

They had amazing style in the way they arranged and decorated their store set up.

One of my goodies from The Planet! A sweet jersey knit halter dress! Only $15!

You know those plastic woven blue bags at IKEA? Well this is a recycled zipper pouch made from that same material! I'm going to use it for my baby wipes!

This fantastic bag is going to be on my diaper bags! I'm going to sew a lining pouch inside with pockets for burp cloths, bottles etc... It's made from the same plastic woven stuff.

The front mannequin typified the random feel of the shop.

This was the true retro-vintage thrift shop find! A good sized, well organized wealth of vintage bliss.

Samuel found a friend in one of the many antique stores we visited.

We had a riverside lunch at the "Riverwalk Cafe." I had a 3 cheese grilled cheese sandwich with tomato, avocado and sprouts, accompanied by some INCREDIBLE shoestring french fries.

I was like, "Yeah, I'm with him..." as Sam played some AMAZING tunes on a good Seagull acoustic guitar at a music store we stopped in at as I finished my amazing homemade ice cream.

In the back alleys I found a treasure full of the coolest textures and colors. A ton of old loading dock doors. it.

My hot stuff.

A fence surrounding a construction site was entitled "The Key Fence." Hundreds of keys were hooked on the fencing! I just thought it was cool. :)

6 o'clock finally rolled around and we headed to our car for the journey back to home sweet home! I read some of my "Vital Touch" book and Sam played random songs from his iPod harmonizing in his, oh so amazing voice. We arrived in town, stopped in to see some friends who were visiting. That turned into a fun evening of spontaneous movie watching and laughter.

It was an amazing trip.

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  1. You and your husband just bless my heart, Jessica!! You are so blessed and lucky, and have an amazing zest for life. Looks like a great trip!! What kind of camera/film did you use for the photos?
    -Sara Denney

  2. Love that you loved Planet! It's been one of my favorite shops in town since I was a youngin'! Glad you had a great time in Wilm :)



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