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posted on: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today Sam and I had a prenatal appointment with Damaris our midwife up at the birthing center AND we confirmed that our little guy is NOT breached! YAY! He had been breech the last two times we saw her. I have been praying like crazy that he would turn, and he did!

My usual routine during my checkups is a trip to the bathroom, weigh, pee in a cup which then is followed by the ritual of putting a plastic stick in the cup to see the protein, sugar and other levels in my body.

The weighing aspect has been fine up until last check up. I had a 10 lb. jump in my weight in 2 weeks! Eek! I was like, "WHAT?!" My midwife told me I was fine, but come on, 10 lbs.? Ugh.
I was expecting some more depressing news when I stepped on the scale, only 2 lb. baby! Wooohoo! I ran out of the bathroom and was dancing around. The ladies at the birthing center getting a big kick out of my exuberance. :)

I've gained about 45 pounds since the crown of mommy-hood was placed on my head. I first thought that was CRAZY seeing that all the sites on the Internet say 15-25 lbs.is the norm for girls of my size. (How depressing.) My midwife, when I told her of my concern said no biggie, my weight gain was just fine seeing that I was eating great and exercising regularly and almost 6 ft. plus I have a lot of muscle mass. (Yeah, baby!) She thinks my baby is a really tall little dude on top of all that. Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself? Maybe a little. Ha!

Speaking of exercising, I finished a trek of 10 miles on the bike today and a full all over body weight training time at the Y! Mmmmm, feels good! :)

Tonight, we have our first Birthing Class up at the birthing center and I'm mega excited!

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  1. New follower via Top Baby Blogs ... I have a midwife too and love reading about others going the more natural route :)

  2. You look fantastic. And it's great that you're able to exercise so much this far into your pregancy!

  3. awesome girl! i'm lovin' reading around too and hearing other's stories!! thanks for following! do you have any favs that you've come across in looking around? :)


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