Midnight at the Cafe

posted on: Thursday, July 15, 2010

After a movie night with family friends Sam encouraged me to go with some of the girls on a midnight adventure to Amelie's! So at 12am we all loaded in the car and trucked across town! We had so much fun! It had been a long while since I had experienced a late night girl adventure like that! It was fabulous!

Amelie's is a french bakery/cafe is very sweet spot in Noda, the artsy, Boho district of Charlotte. Not only is it amazing, but it's open 24/7. It has an atmosphere that is inspiring and has fantastically amazing food, pastries and coffee.

Trying to decide.

Molly and Ashely tasting and trying to decide whether to order the
"Spinach, Asparagus-Leak Soup" or the "Carrot-Ginger, Barley" Soup.

They have several amazing chandalier peices! I want to do something like this in my boy's room.

One of the several lounge rooms.

I went with a bowl of the spinach soup.

Then, I got a twice baked chocolate croissant!

My heart was so happy as we talked about all things to do with life, love and silliness. I needed a random, midnight run with the girls to a cool french bakery. :)

I thought to myself as I sat there laughing, I might not get to do this for a long while again. Babymoons, midnight runs to random places-do it up.

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  1. Sigh* I must find an excuse to move to Charlotte! It looks amazing.


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