Gummies Please

posted on: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I read about these gummy prenatal vitamins several months ago in the Fit Pregnancy Magazine and was curious. But, it wasn't until last night when Sam and I made a Target run (we picked up some organic lemonade/natural Cheetos for our movie date.) that I strolled down the vitamin isle to check them out. We got them just to try and see. Oh my goodness, I wish I would have discovered these sooner. Uh, YUM. They actually taste amazing. Of course you would still want to have some extra boosts of supplements, but dang, these are amazing.

Gold Star for the taste buds baby.

Oh, and Karate Kid was fun and amazing. :)

2 thoughts:

  1. agreed.. i could have eatin' quite a few...

  2. Thank God!!! I had been hunting for a gummy prenatal vitamin as we plan to have a kid in the next year (or two, but probably this year) and I HATE taking vitamins. I did a big online search and was convinced they didn't exist. Yay!!! My life is now complete. Hah.


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