Simple Days

posted on: Saturday, October 6, 2012

Has it already been a month since Cedar was born and our journey as a family of 4 began? It doesn't quite seem real yet.  We've been taking this time to get to know our new, wee lad and gather up whatever rest that we can. I am at my worst when I don't get sleep. And the past few nights have FINALLY given me and my little boy the sleep we both were needing. I haven't had one full nights sleep since C was born. But, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of z's. ;) Friends have been spoiling us with tasty meals, flowers and treats, this past month, which has been the biggest blessing. I thought it was a blessing when we had gifted meals with Kael, but having two munchkins has proved it a little more difficult to find my rhythm in the kitchen again. So, it has been a lifesaver now more than ever. ;)  I will say, yesterday I masterfully grocery shopped with both boys without incident and felt pretty proud of myself. 

Breastfeeding is going GREAT now and has become a new found love of mine. (I never thought I would be able to actually do it, let alone enjoy it.) It was tricky for the first 3 weeks but now it is just the best thing. (minus of course the fact that I have milk spots on most of my shirts now and am realizing I need a whole new slew of threads to support my boob feeding effort. haha!) Cedar is entering that amazing and magical stage where smiles are frequent and tiny coos and babbles are starting to be what I look forward to every morning. Definitely makes 3 am a more pleasant time when I'm greeted with flirty smirks. I'm still writing my birth story, it's coming soon, I promise. There's a small sliver of time a day that sometimes allows me to sit down with full attention to the thoughts of my heart and I'm trying to take advantage of it whenever I can to write. 

Here are a handful of images from the past several days to give you just a tiny peek into our daily world. 

Beautiful fall flowers from our friends at church. 

A good day of both boys napping meant my poor kitchen got some attention. 

Mister Kael LOOOOOVES preschool
My first love and mini heart all the unorganized chaos, he still naps like a champ.
Is it weird that I've been looking forward to this moment since I was a little girl---putting my kid's preschool artwork up on my walls... It's seriously one of my favorite things EVER!!! Kael proudly points to his masterpieces each time he walks through the hallway.

Clothes pins have a certain level of fascination for Kael, so...we created a little game. My friend Kristina would be proud of me. ;) 
The little pumpkin who makes my heart beat fast.

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  1. Those are some sweet boys. The worst part is the sleep deprivation. I don't miss that.

  2. Just utterly lovely! I'm having a bit of a freak out about your eldest sleeping with a pillow- in England at least we're advised not to use them due to increased risk of cot death. I don't want to worry you but as a fellow mother I thought it was only right to share.Rx

  3. I'm having my second in February, they'll only be 14 months apart in age, and I have to say sleeping is my biggest worry. Especially because we've been practicing co-sleep so we're having issues switching to a crib. I'm even a little worried about breast feeding with my second. My oldest won't really be old enough to understand so I'm not sure how he'll feel about mommy's breast being out. lol Silly, I know.

    I'm glad things are leveling out for you in the sleep department. Hopefully it'll go the same for me.

    Sending your family lots of encouraging vibes.

  4. Love this Jess! And I am proud of you! What a great idea (I'll probably steal it.;)). Love and miss you like crazy. Wish we could share some of these simple days with our little's together.

  5. Beautiful photos and your little boys are both lovely. I love displaying my small ones art around my home, and love how proud they are when they see it up!


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