Simple Days

posted on: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The past two weeks have included me getting a hardcore flu (the worst with a newborn), legit, chilly fall weather, lots of finger painting projects for Kael at school, plus his first train ride with friends and lots of new smiles from Cedar. I've started writing music again (which makes me feel extra alive).  I'm about to start a new book study with some girls at church and C has consistently been sleeping through the night (making a very sane and happy momma). I really have been looking into my heart lately, holding onto simple love and acknowledging the areas in my soul that have grown and the parts that still need hope and grace. There's beauty in the good and grace in and for everything else.  

Gimme those cheeks.
foot snuggles
This right here is a like having a date with myself. Every month this is responsible for an extra smile on my face.
We just started the chapter of saying goodbye to paci. (prayers are appreciated.) ;)
Every morning, Kael asks to watch his tiger show from Animal Planet. Raaaaawr.
One nook of the boys' room.
Pretty much Sam's candy for our sick days.
If you want to be cool in Charlotte, pumpkin spice everything from Trader Joes. 
My favorite treat of the season, local honey crisp apples. 
At least 2-3 bananas a day.
Cows and horses have been a must all week. In the car, Kael's collection of "moo-moos" must come with us of course.
This box holds all of Kael's flash cards. He has a  daily ritual of going through all of them. 
First item I ever bought for my house, for once we got married. A trumpet from the 1940's in Israel. Found it at a little antique shop in Jerusalem. 
My flirt.

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  1. You're so full of light and it completely radiates through your pictures and your words. You make me smile :)

  2. You capture the best moments. And I'm with you on the Trader Joe's everything pumpkin! Try making muffins with the bread mix, then mix their mascarpone cheese with a container of pumpkin butter for the frosting... absolutely amazing for breakfast with a cup of coffee!

  3. love love!! I love that picture of you and C your hair down and all!! I love all the other pictures too! And that one of Sam and C too :) OK so I liked it all :)

  4. Your photos are so gorgeous, love the peek into your everyday!

  5. That blanket is amazing! And pumpkin everything right now is always the right decision ;) I just can't get over your beautiful little ones. Good job mama!

  6. i just enjoyed these photos so much, so sweet. so yuk that you were sick, sorry mama!

  7. Courage eats so many bananas too! And you look so pretty with your hair down :)

  8. Aww, how adorable! I'm sorry to hear that you have a flu (out of all things)!

    Hope you get better soon. ):

  9. i love your button tattoo! any particular significance behind it? do you have any others?

  10. I love these photos!!!! How do you get the old vintage film look?


  11. I love your blanket! Can I ask where you got it?

  12. absolutely lovely photos, I specially love the mirrow and the piano ones.


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