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posted on: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My lovely friend, Anna posted this video of some friends of hers on her blog The Colorful Living Project last week. It couldn't have kissed my heart at a more perfect time.   One of my favorite lines is, "In winter I believe you, in springtime I see you..." tears well up in my eyes every time I hear them sing it.  The folks singing are Andy Squyres and his oldest daughter, which I think is pretty much the most precious thing. (I'm so looking forward to our kids singing with Sam and me.) As I woke up this morning and started playing this song for the countless time, I thought it might be nice to share it with you guys. :) You can find Andy's music on i-Tunes and follow him on twitter.

Thanks again for all the sweet Birthday wishes and your encouraging notes to us this past week, I've read everyone at least twice. <3 

I can't wait to share about my birthday weekend up in the mountains with y'all! It was magical! 

Hope you have lots of love and beauty in your day! I'm going to take up where we left off last night in decorating our little bungalow for Christmas! 

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  1. sooo beautiful! i needed to hear this so much today.

  2. I've been catching up and just read your blog about your miscarriage.

    Oh Jess.

    The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I lost my first and only child. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I miscarried that day. The day before Thanksgiving, I buried him in a garden urn where I will plant flowers in the spring. We named him Toviel Rain.

    I know first hand the pain, the hurt, the emptiness that comes from losing a baby. I'm still mourning and grieving myself, so I have no real wisdom of how to pull through to the other side. But let yourself grieve. Let yourself honor your baby and the fact that you're a mother of two now -- and you'll meet your baby in Heaven some day. God has adopted your baby, and your baby is safe and ok.

    I will be thinking and praying for you.

  3. this is so wonderful.
    "I'm not gonna give death any standing ovation."
    so good. thinking about you today, Jess. Just caught up on your blog. What a timely song to kiss your heart.

  4. jess,

    the realness of your post about the baby blessed my life. my family is walking a tough journey right now and reaching out for faith because my 18 year old brother just got diagnosed with cancer. my friend was just telling me about the book "heaven is for real" about the little boy that went to heaven and met his baby sister that died in his mom's tummy. thanks for being so raw about your grief and comfort from Jesus.

    this song has been giving me a lot of courage lately.


  5. hey jess, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful song...:) Martine

  6. chills all over my body. incredible and precious.

  7. and just bawled my head off too... oh so timely for me too - Gawd! Daddy is like that, huh. Sheesh! Need a tissue!

  8. Andy was at our church today, and when I was googling lyrics to find the song I found your blog! It was so nice meeting you at the kinfolk workshop last night. All the best to you sweet girl!


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