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posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey loves, are you all gearing up for Christmas? :) I wanted to write and give you an update on my dollies. Honestly, I have had the hardest time being motivated this past month with losing our baby in the miscarriage and the emotional upheaval of it all. Normally, I would have just crammed and pushed past the deadline and made it happen, but not this time. I need to have quality of life in this very delicate time of my heart.  How many times on this blog have I said something is coming just to have it left open ended. Sorry guys. I'm realizing that I'm not the best manager of my time and when extra stresses come my way it is intensified.

Saying that, my dollie business IS something that is coming very soon and I have big plans for it.  I have a good amount already made and have tons more just waiting to have minor stitching and stuffings. But, for me to actually enjoy this Christmas I need to move the big opening of my store for after Christmas. I'm going to try and put the ones that are already made up on my etsy. But, I'm not sure if they could be shipped in time. I'm sorry for those of you who were hoping to get them for your kids by next week.

I'm VERY excited about my little creations and I LOVE making them. You will fall in love with them all when you see them! It's been kind of frustrating not being able to control the events in life, but a good thing that I've learned from time crunches and stresses is better time management for myself.

I hope you are having the loveliest time preparing for the holidays! I'm hoping to have a little Gatlyn Holiday House tour up in the next few days! :)

Thank you for understanding.


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  1. Hope you are having a beautiful Christmas season, and I can't wait to see the dolls you have made. You are incredibly talented, it just blows my mind! Is there anything you can't do? :) You are such a light :)

  2. i am going to be making a little doll for my first brand new little niece that is coming in six weeks. i can't wait.

    praying for you dear . . .

  3. Don't apologize to us. You don't deserve that extra added guilt. I've read for a while now and I enjoy your blog, I speak for myself but I'm not keeping a tally of the things you say you'll do but don't. Your own sanity is far more important than the opinion of a girl at a desk a few states away.

    Breathe deep, pretty lady, it's all good. <3

  4. love you :) Excited to see your creations, you crafty butterfly you ;)!!

  5. just wanted to tell you that i'm praying for you, jess. i am so sorry. we want to get pregnant, and since i'm still nursing ezra, i have no cycle. i can only imagine how you feel, and i wish i could help your heart feel better. please know you're in my thoughts, and i'm sending you a virtual hug with a virtual cup of hot chocolate :)

  6. Can't wiat to see them all! What's your etsy address?

  7. Oh, and what Kerianne said about the apologizing. I kind of abandoned an entire blog readership in the middle of a Bible in a year plan. (Yeah, ouch...) It's okay. Life happens, and your life is so much more important than this blog.

  8. Praying for you and your family during this time. You've got G-D that will mend all that's broken and make all things new :) Enjoy the holidays and rest in Him!


  9. Praying for your sweet heart continually. <3

  10. You don't worry about any of us out here. You do plenty for us all the time. Inspiring us and helping us to be more creative people. Making us feel welcome in one of the worst most un welcoming times of our lives :) You take care of you and that beautiful boy...Praying for you!


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