Flash Back: New Year's Week

posted on: Friday, December 30, 2011

3 Years ago today, Sam and I were two long distance, dating love birds. These pics are from the first time he flew out to see me. It was so dreamy and it was also the last New Year's we spent together. Each year since then I've either been out of state in CA or he's been working. Can't wait to finally kiss him when the clock strikes twelve this year. Call my cheesy, I don't care. I'm getting my kiss. ;) SO much has happened since these pictures. It's been a whirlwind of love. Here's to the future and enjoying the moments in front of us.
Our very first picture ever taken together. 

Washing the dishes together, for a long distance couple is a cherished moment. haha.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! I can't wait to tell you about ours. It was amazing... :) What are you planning on doing for New Years? Are you going out? Staying in? 

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  1. What a beautiful couple you are. :) We're staying in and very much looking forward to it. Happy New Year!

  2. I LOVE your hair!!!! I have curly hair also, Are there any products you recommend? :)

  3. How lovely that you'll get your midnight kiss!
    We're staying home, just the 2 of us, to have a BBQ then we'll take a bottle of wine to share down to the beach & watch the fireworks.
    We've only got 10 hours & 43 minutes to go here in Australia!

  4. Celebrating our 2 year anniversary!! :) I love Love

  5. Oh yeah, IN the city we were married and fell in love!

  6. Looks like I'm staying in tonight! TV, music, good food, midnight painting... It's going to be good!!!

    PS: Your hair wrap is insane! I love it! I can't believe how thick it is! Did/does it hurt your scalp? I have really thin hair, so I have to keep mine thin and light, otherwise it kills!

  7. my husband and i eloped six years ago this january, and we've only been together for two of our new year's eves. so i totally understand about getting that kiss! :) this year he's got to work, and it'll just be me and my two boys...who will probably be asleep!

  8. Ok, this is so sweet! My husband and I were long distance lovebirds too and I know how sweet it is to finally share all the moments together IN PERSON not just on the phone lol! You guys have a FABULOUS new year!



  9. Happy New Year! Great pics! Looking forward to reading your blog in 2012!
    :) Martine
    ps. your christmas stockings with the buttons are so cute!

  10. You two are absolutely precious (:
    I hope you had a fabulous new year!

  11. It looks a great Christmas. Happy new year. ;)

  12. that first picture is great!! don't you love looking back at old photos?

  13. great photos!


  14. Sweet! Great pictures.


  15. Jess please come back. I check in here every day and I miss your posts.
    Love Jem.

  16. Love this post!
    My friend tuned me into your blog with "tears are a language" and it was such a refreshing and beautiful cathartic experience for me just to read and I truly admire and just love you, dear sister!
    ah! ... tears ARE a langugage... for me too, a language of expression, sorrow, joy, brokenness, rage at injustice and the evils in this broken world, my response to beauty, and just an expression of worship more often then not at the goodness and greatness of the Grace of God.

    Your life-story is so beautiful and i loved watching the clip I found somewhere on here of your wedding day! It's so cool to see you both writing your story and it being a part of His story!
    and gives me hope,

    I just got home from India a few months ago. My love is still there doing mission work and we don't know anything about anything about our future but long distance has been and may still be a part of it and it's hard.
    But oh so worth it.
    and he is the one I want to write a story with.

    So, yeah all that to say, this is SO sweet and so glad you got to spend new year's together! And thank you for sharing your story! <3

    here is another amazing story of His amazing grace, this girl Jess I met in India a few years ago, this is the story of her and her husband and a beautiful baby boy they adopted from India... but it's so much more than that:


    Peace & grace and love in Him. <3

  17. hey jess, is that long wrapped dread lookin' thing while your washing dishes.. is it a dread lock?

    1. it sure is! :) i had it for a couple of years...then i cut it off before we got married. THEN, i started another one when i found out i was pregnant with kael!


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