A Midnight Post.

posted on: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On our way to go on a date with our main man! Oh, notice my new favorite necklace? I've had that button for years and decided I wanted to wear it. The tangerine embroidery floss I chose has been my inspiration color lately. Isn't it lovely? Going on a date with no makeup, and a scarf to cover mega greasy hair, isn't my ideal image of a romantic night, but hey, I was in the car right? ;) 

Káel started it. 
My pretty friend Lauren got me this beeeeautiful mug for my bday. I so enjoyed sipping my coffee from it tonight. (I love sweet mugs btw)

Yes, it's almost midnight and YES, I am doing a big chunk of tomorrow's list tonight. And YES, I'm blogging about it right now. Who says you can only post your blogs in the morning? So much goodness happened tonight that I want to write while it's fresh and my mind is still for a sec. ;)

Sam took me out to eat, after work, at a super nice eatery. Káel was pretty much an angel, and afterwards we walked around my favorite mall. It was very holiday-ish. I'll admit it, I love being in the mall at Christmas time...as long as I'm not in a rush. I will say, I had a melt down right outside urban outfitters for about 10 min. All of a sudden my perfect date and shopping time was overwhelming and impossible, as I thought of all the things still on my list to do.What am I doing here?! I have sooooo much to do. No, grab the moment and enjoy this Jess. You won't remember that list 5 years from now but, you will remember this sweet, festive time with your boys.  Oh Jess, your sudden melty moments are laughable just hours later. Like I said, the drama didn't last long. With sweet smiles from Sam and a successful hit at the Gap...It was all better. ;) We knocked out THE LAST bit of present shopping! YAY!  I had a  big cup of strong coffee once we got home. And now I can't stop my motivation to conquer this messy bungalow. We have cozy, merry movies on while we work. It's fabulous! Hey, I even cleaned the bathtub and toilets you guys, and was happy about it. Ha. Impressive.

Well, I'm going to go check off a few more things on my list! Less to do tomorrow. And you know, it's kinda fun to stay up late and wrap presents, clean the house and drink coffee. It makes me feel like I've got a secret...sssssshhhhhh. Don't tell anyone. ;) I have to grab these super festive moments and run with it when I can.


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  1. No shame in going out with no makeup and a scarf! My version is glasses and earrings :) you look lovely and keep on truckin'! You'll make it!



  2. i post a lot of my blog posts in the evening. and being a college student who's up all hours of the night, i'm all for late night postings :)

  3. blogging at night rocks. :)

    it's like keepin' it real girl.

    merry merry christmas

  4. You are beautiful with no make up! And I adore your head wraps!

  5. The Lord is your strength girl! Your so beautiful and your kid is ridiculously beautiful. Blessings. Loving your blog posts...


  6. I feel the same way: being the last person up and awake in the house does make you feel like you have a secret or soemthing! A bit like Santa, I suppose :)

  7. haha i love it! "you have a secret" !! You're awesome, Jess <3

  8. love you, your blog, and your sweet mug :) Here's to getting through the holidays...with LOTS of coffee!

  9. You should totally do a tutorial on the different ways you wrap your hair because, yeah, I want in on it!

  10. BEAUTIFUL your's baby pictures ! I'm also glad I found your blog and enjoy reading it! Merry Christmas and happy new year

  11. Hey there! Just found your blog and love your style. Have a beautiful, happy New Year filled with love and light! Greetings from New York!


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