More Dollies

posted on: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The next 2 weeks are going to be SUPER busy for me as I finish sewing all my little dollies. I'm gearing up for November so that doesn't leave me much time to whip these little cuties out. I haven't felt this excited and productive in a long time. Eeeee! It feels so wonderful to be creating something that I love!

Have the loveliest of days!


Etsy store opening November! :) 

11 thoughts:

  1. they look adorable!!

  2. Can't wait to see the whole thing, they are presh!

  3. can one of your dollies have a graphing calculator attachment? ;)

  4. Oh so sweet with their glasses! :)

  5. Loving the little sneak peeks and I'm so glad you're able to spend time doing something that brings you such joy. :)


  6. oh, they look fantastic, from the sneak peak!

  7. gah.. the torture of 'tid-bit' shots.. what a tease you are! ;o) I'm confused, is this craft-a-rama for a show you're in.. or do you Etsy.. or what/where/when? Details woman. hehe.
    Glad you're still loving it and not feeling the pressure to pump them out!

  8. they look so cute. can't wait to see the store.

  9. Gah, love it!! I can't wait to see the shop. I will most def. have to purchase a doll for my little Anna. Congrats Jess! :)

    ps: i posted about you inspiring me to make cards out of vintage books. You can check it out here:


  10. seriously cute!!! i see some christmas present buying in my future :)


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