2 Weeks of 1 Year Molars

posted on: Friday, October 21, 2011

I have to say, these past 2 weeks have been some of the hardest so far in mothering. One word, molars! Um...how did I miss the ONE YEAR molars? I thought they didn't get them until two? Well, shows you how much I've been reading up on the stages of my baby lately. Geesh.  All of a sudden, my happy, easy going kid has turned into the biggest whiney pants, clingy and "mommy only" child on the planet. Who ARE you? What happened to my Forest boy? Of course, this all happened right in the middle of several deadlines for my new business and blogging commitments,  etc. I've been reduced to the speed of a slug on Benadryl. It breaks my heart that he is uncomfortable. Every remedy I try doesn't seem to have any lasting effect. Amber necklace, homeopaths, medicine, frozen wash cloths, frozen peas, frozen anything, Mickey Mouse Club, you name it. Nothing lasts more that 15 minutes max. Trying to fit bulk sewing in the mix of that is almost impossible.
poor babies. they have it so rough. can't speak any language, can't understand you, bones shoving up through their gums, and always falling down and getting a busted lip or head. :( 

Just to give myself a peek back to my daily reality, later down the road, a day goes like this: 

Sam's off to work. 

Mickey Mouse or Little Einstein's goes on. (Don't you dare judge me for using the television.) ;)

Ok, he seems entertained. I scurry to my sewing center (aka dinning room) and start working on one of my piles for a group of dolls. This time it's cutting out heads. Ah, somehow Káel found the remote and turned the tv to the health channel which has some sort of surgical procedure on. Nice. Gross. 

Get up, change it back, hide the remote. Crying commences. Find something to replace the remote. Ugh, where is his fake cell phone? 

In the process of finding the cell phone, I notice food dried to my floor and all of a sudden, crumbs everywhere! I start feeling clasterfobic. I grab the broom and a cloth and start sweeping it up "real quickly". 

Gah, get back to sewing Jess, you have a big deadline, less work today means more tomorrow. 

Go back to my sewing. I get maybe one or two heads done and fitted with a hair template. A very distraught and uncomfortable baby waddles up to me and throws his head on my lap, sounding very much like a moaning, dying engine. Ah, he's somehow pulling the scissors off the table!? How do you reach that. Ah, not the iron! The next 5-10 min are spent soothing, trying to feed, keep alive and/or find entertainment for my little boy. (Did I mention that he just learned to climb up onto chairs...and tables?)

As I rush into the bathroom, trying to find his pacifier (Yep, still use that too.) I catch a glance of myself in the mirror. Oh my GOSH! THAT'S what Sam saw as he headed out the door this morning!? My almost grown out bangs, half greasy, half dry hair with the ever multiplying gray strays, spiraling up to heaven are discouraging. Don't forget yesterday's mascara leftovers, always a nice touch. Sigh.

Now where's his paci? What will make him happy? Why won't he eat anything? 

He tripped, and barely bumped his knee. Usually he laughs and continues exploring. Not now. The world has officially come to an end. The only thing that will console him is mommy, holding him for several minutes. Poor little darlin'. AAAAAAH!  Afer he does that 10-15 times, literally within 30 min I'm crying too. Don't forget to throw a poop explosion in there and I mean EXPLOSION. Of course, that really has never happened before in his whole 1 year of existence on this side of my uterus. 

Maybe a nap? Each day it's been hit or miss. Wait. Is that quiet, I hear? Oh, the quiet is heavenly. 1 hour later, I hear his little voice letting me know he's awake. 

Then it's starts back to square one. This repeats several times, usually worsening the later it gets. By the time Sam comes home, I'm tired of being touched and clung too, I'm depressed because what I wanted and needed to get done is still laying in a sad pile on my table and my house is a wreck. 

Dinner time. My "eats anything" boy only eats oatmeal, steamed apples, and frozen peas and sweet potatoes right now.  Mostly sweet potatoes. So, we try our luck with one of those. Then, it happens. I'm trying to finish stitching a couple legs while Sam coaxes bites into our mini human and I cut clean through my pointer finger with my sharpest pair of scissors. I know I need stitches. Nope, pressure, hand above my head, more pressure and a bandaid that turns my finger blue. Yep. 

Finally, bed time. Quiet. My sewing pile and messy house call my name but, I'm so exhausted from this unknown territory, known as 1st year molars, that I just want to sit and do nothing. I cry. Like I have been doing every night for the past 2 weeks.  Poor Samuel.  What a sight to come home to. He's the sweetest though. After hearing my blubber about why I'm crying for the umpteenth time, he goes and get's a surprise dinner, sit's down and starts helping me stuff a huge pile of doll arms and legs. Come to find out, he's better than I am at the task and has the kindest smile on his face. As crazy as it sounds, it felt like a date. He knows how to make me smile again. I felt Mt. Everest lift off of my shoulders. 

Of course, once we go to bed, a few hours later, I wake up to screams. My heart breaks and my body yells at me for sleep. The only thing that will coax my baby back to dream land is a bottle, Infant Benadryl and mommy holding him. I can't stand to see him in pain and not be able to tell him why it hurts so bad. I drag myself back to bed.

Ugh...morning is almost here.

I get a text from a friend telling me it won't last and before I know it he'll wake up and magically return to the baby I know. I cling to her glimmers of hope. Reread it Jess. Reread it again. 

Little boy, I wish I could make your mouth feel better. I feel so helpless, and...crazy. No, seriously, crazy. haha. Our friends keep telling us that, one day you'll wake up and be like your old self again. I can't wait. Bless your heart. Even though I'm at the point of pulling my hair out, I know one day, when you're older, I'll long for even one of these rough days, just to hold you. Right now, you are cuddled under my arm, watching a kids show and trying to call someone on my iPhone.  My sewing pile is glaring at me, but you are happy at the moment, and you are enjoying my closeness. That works. I'll take it. I love you little babes. 


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  1. just take it one day at a time, mama. i know it's hard right now. but in just a few weeks you won't even remember how difficult this time was. :)

  2. ummmm... so EVERY single one of us mamas out here is feeling your frustration. pain. overwhelming moments. You're not alone sweets. Sorry it came at such a 'pressured work' time for you - just curious who's forcing the deadline for you? You.. or a third party/business..? Cuz I hope you can allow yourself the breathing room to make the projects stop yelling for attention. I recently posted the same sentiments about trying to balance art making - and motherhood -
    It will pass! He'll be a lil' charmer again soon - with pearly whites to smile at you!
    needle and nest design

  3. Jess, if it's any consolation, my son - who just turned one - is going through almost EXACTLY the same thing. I know what it feels like to be under pressure to try to get something done by a deadline and have a clingy, crying baby AND toddler at your heels, and just as soon as you get momentum going doing what YOU need to be doing, they need something. It feels like an endless uphill climb... add to that equation the sleep deprivation, stress, etc. You really feel like death! Girl, I totally feel your pain!!! I have had two big cake jobs in the last week and it's been during his crazy nighttime teething antics... it is SOOO HARD!!! My daughter had ENDLESS sleep issues - not just with teething - there were many nights spent crying, questioning God and the meaning of suffering - seriously!! Noah is my third though and much easier, so I know that this will end. I PROMISE it will. Maybe Sam can start helping you more with your sweet dollies. You're doing a beautiful job with them and I can't wait to see the end result. Hang in there mama. Know that you're not alone. ACCEPTANCE of this season will help you. Lean on Daddy God as much as you can. <3

  4. aww poor little guy. hopefully those suckers pop in soon so both you and him can have a little peace!

  5. Bless your heart! Sending prayers your way. You're a good mommy, hang in there girl :)

  6. You poor dears! Hang in there kitty :) and read and reread the last two paragraphs of this post as many times as you need to to get through it. Thinking of you, hope your finger isn't too banged up, and hope this little teething spell passes quickly!

  7. you all are SO sweet and encouraging! thank you SO much! Today seems to be a little more hopeful...less whines than before...we'll see. <3

  8. Hi Jess! Oh my, is this what I have to look forward to?? Holy moly...my baby Soleil is a bit past 11 months and I am so nervous for this stage...I better enjoy her chill factor while it's here! I can relate though on trying to find time to work on my creative endeavours, it can be so frustrating...hang in there boo! I cannot wait to see more of your little people!

    Much love!
    (I am the chick you met at the Dr.'s office right after my baby girl was born...and I shyly admitted to reading your blog, 'member me? XO)

  9. AAAAAH!!! Tiffany! YES I remember!!! I'm SO glad you commented! I've been trying to figure out how I could find you. haha. Oh, our early days... ;) You are the sweetest! Well just yesterday and today he's been chilling out more...so I'm hoping we'll get a reprieve. (((HUG))) hey email me your digits and we'l have to have a play day!

  10. When my little man was teething(which he got 2-3 teeth at a time)the docs told me to put a little Benadryl on my finger and rub it on his gums right over his tooth. It work awesome!! Now he is 3 and teething again :(

  11. Poor little darlings (both of you!) Praying those teeth pop through SOON! Wish I could offer more help. Sending love to you from Australia :)

  12. Hi Jess. Oh I remember those times! We are going thru the 2 year molars now. Something that works for my little man is freezing Kefir in tiny ice cube tray and giving him little cubes one at a time. OH the relief he would feel - even if it was for a short period of time. Plus, it helped out the diaper rash issue from all the drool and he got something in his belly ;0)

    Thinking of you all and hope it goes by fast for your little man! Erin

  13. suppositories. the ONLY thing that helped my girls with those 39u2#l430! molars...
    oh and ours were from weleda!

    my biggest tip: go outside and walk! it distracts you and your boy. trust me:)

    hope your nights are getting better!

  14. Oh Jess...... I wish I could drive out to Texas just to come over and help out. I sew, I'd totally tackle your pile for you, or clean, or help snuggle your Forest boy if he'd let me... :/ but I'm stuck in Cali and you don't even really know me so all I can give you is a big cyber **HUGGLE** and prayers.

    Jesus, please give Jess a hug right now. Give her peace and rest and joy and PLEASE soothe little Kael through this rough phase.

    You know what... I was just thinking how special it will be to him when he grows up and can read how much you loved him and hurt for him when he was younger. That will be so, so precious to him. <3

  15. caitlyn you are SO wonderfully fabulous. THANK YOU for being so kind and sweet! :) and thanks for the prayers and encouragement!

  16. Wow Jess, you are doing such an amazing job! This sounds exactly like my days with Eden when she was the same age (she is just past 2 now) It really does pass I promise :) My husband was exactly the same, so lovely and helpful and so good at taking off the pressure that I put on myself... You'll get there xxx

  17. Wow Jess, you are doing such an amazing job! This sounds exactly like my days with Eden when she was the same age (she is just past 2 now) It really does pass I promise :) My husband was exactly the same, so lovely and helpful and so good at taking off the pressure that I put on myself... You'll get there xxx

  18. Loved the post. I don't know that this is going to be of much interest to you, but a physical anthropologist named Douglass Ubelaker put together a chart on the development and eruption of teeth from about 5mo in utero to adulthood.

    The age ranges seem rather wide to account for variation across populations. (This makes the chart valuable for physical anthropologists, whether they're looking at a European population or a Indonesian population.) FYI, Ubelaker got his data from an American Indian population.

    If nothing else, it might be fun to see what else is going on in your kidlet's mouth. :o)

    Here's the link. The pic isn't the greatest, but it's been a bit hard to find good copies of this chart online. Shaded teeth represent the deciduous/baby dentition.


  19. ok, seriously, all of these comments are like water to the sanity of my soul . THANK.YOU. thank you all for taking the time to encourage me and give me ideas and things to try! <3 means so much! (hug) <3

  20. hey sister. love your blog. thanks for making my day seem NORMAL. this was EXACTLY the day i had with my usually-sweet 2.5 year old boy. the work i had to get done today was studying for a grad school midterm ... never happened because of my needy, clingy, sobbing, snotting little guy. ugh. thank heavens every day is a new day!

  21. Ok, I just have to say that I'm going through the exact. same. thing right now and your post blessed me. I have felt like a mean mama for being so agitated and depressed lately so, I'm glad to know that another good one is feeling the same way! Will pray for you..for endurance and patience as your boy sprouts molars!

  22. Eff teething...that's all I got. Nothing has helped me 10 month old as of yet :( I'm sorry.

  23. Poor baby! We are going through the same thing over here. If anyone judges us for the use of televison....send my way for a stern talkin to! haha!
    You are beautiful and so is your baby! Love your blog chica!
    Hang in there!

  24. I feel ya! My 14 month old is working on four new teeth right now and is having a really hard time. my son was easy peasy when it came to teething so this is new territory for me.

    I stopped by from the followers fest!

  25. Yup, that sounds like a regular day around here. Why must there be teething? Why?

  26. Nice to meet you! Can't see where I can follow on Google. Am I blind? Please help. Next link-up, craft 2 using paint chip samples!

  27. @i am love nice to meet you too! :) i just moved it up...upper right hand column. :)

  28. I will be forever grateful for this Oct. Follower Fest you gals came up with because I don't know if I would've stumbled onto your amazing blog otherwise and getting a glimpse of you and your precious family's lives. I went through the same ordeal a little over a year ago and now have an 8 month old baby boy who is reaching that hard (so very hard) season of life. Poor babies. Poor mommas. This too shall pass. Seriously, so lovely to meet you. (sorry for the novel)

  29. I love this! It's sounds eerily similar to a day at my house :) My son just turned one as well. We aren't to the molars stage yet. Thanks for the heads up! I stopped by through the followers fest!

  30. oh no!! I hope he gets back to his sweet self soon!! Sending good + positive thoughts your way!!
    I found your delightful blog via the Fall Fest!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  31. this is my day! i can not believe someone else shares it with me. feeling completely overwhelmed and sleep deprived. thank u for sharing. i feel comforted that i am not alone. love the blog! http://geekyloveblog.blogspot.com

  32. Last week we had an awful week. Jack is getting his first teeth through. Your weeks sounds worse though, and they fill me with dread. If Jacks bottom teeth bother him this much, how bad will molars be?! Crossing my fingers that things get better for you both soon.

  33. don't dread it-there is enough of a break in-between to where you kinda forget how tiring it is. you'll be full of spunk and energy to last once they come! ;) we've had a break, they must have stalled the last couple weeks, thank God. I needed to juice up my battery and have my sweet boy back, and i have. :)


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