posted on: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some of you may remember, a couple of months ago when I threw a "Farm Fresh" baby shower for my dear friends, Rebecca and Jesse, celebrating the arrival of their first baby boy! (See previous post here). We held it at their huge farm and it was a blast! We ate chili in jars, laughed and opened presents, while a group of the guys decided to relax at Jesse's firing range. What baby shower involves a firing range!? haha! I loved it! Well, Samuel shot an amazing highlight video of the day and I think this might be my favorite video that he's shot so far! He just finished editing it and I wanted to share with you guys. Becca's little boy, David Luke arrived a couple weeks ago and he is just perfect! Enjoy! 
All the guests at the baby shower took a painted bottle vase with flowers home as a party favor. 
Using the pages of an old children's book, all the guest wrote little notes and prayers for little David Luke.
The new parents, Rebecca and Jesse and lots of friends!

Becca and her mom.
It was THE biggest joy and honor to throw this party celebrating the arrival of Rebecca and Jesse's little boy! They are such an amazing family, so giving, kind and full of love! We love you guys so much and can't wait for our boys to go on adventures together at the farm!

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  1. How amazing was that?! Everything looks beautiful. Great job on all of it! Your friends must be pretty blessed to have someone like you. :) Sam did a great job as well, so much talent!


  2. what a lovely party and i love how your all captured it. perfection!

  3. You have a talent for making simple things look so unique and charming! I love this baby shower, so "down home" and comfy! How about when I get a little bump, I pay you to come to Ohio and throw a shower? Deal? ;)

    P.S. Is this (music in the video) Pomplamoose covering Nature Boy?? I like it!


  4. you did it again! Awesome baby shower with lots of lovely details!

  5. Jess!! seriouslyyyy you have such a talent at party planning and executing!!! and the fact that you can capture it so well also!
    Can't wait for more showers and parties with your finger prints all over them ;)

  6. I love all the little details. Chili in a jar? Amazing!


  7. so so adorable! what great photos, looks like a fantastic time.

  8. So lovely, fantastic photos. Wish I was as organised as you are....a real talent !

  9. This. This is ABSOLUTELY fantastic and I really really wish I could've been there! All the little details that make the decorations and food extra special.... it's perfect!

  10. I absolutely adore the hot dogs and the bunting of the pies!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. thanks you guys! we had SO much fun!

  12. Great job. It all looks so nice!

  13. Oh my gosh! What a beautiful shower and the video was so awesome!
    You and Sam are both SO talented!


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