Attic Sale Finds

posted on: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do you enjoy a good garage sale? Oh man, I sure as heck do!  I can garage sale, attic sale, thrift shop sale or scour a junk yard for good finds and be in total heaven!

While on the way to have breakfast with a friend last Saturday morning, I saw that an old local church was having an attic sale. So, I decided just to "drop" by. ;) I ran in, not expecting too much. But, then I saw them... swarms of sweet, little older ladies with broaches and smiles, calmly directing everyone where to pay and such. I started walking a little faster, following the arrow signs inside the building. JACKPOT! A huge gym full of vintage amazingness and it was all dirt cheap. I spent 30 minutes in sheer delight, searching the piles of old fabric, the stacks of vintage dishes and the tables full of lamps and other items all in perfect condition. Here are a few of my finds. I found some reeeeally sweet vintage Christmas goodies, too. But, I'm going to save those for a post of their own. :) 
I was so excited when I found these metal embroidery hoops. I'm going to stretch some old lace and fabric in them for my bathroom wall. All of this for  $1.50.
$3 old children's globe (This came from Value Village)
$3 yellow pleather ottoman. (Káel LOVES this!)

$1 vintage felt baby slippers, in perfect condition and even in the original box!
.25 for these old little measuring spoons.
My favorite find, a 1962 cyclo-teacher! It's in perfect condition, all the pieces and just waiting to be used. I think I'm going to frame a few of the inserts. The illustration are too precious.  I'm really looking forward to my Forest boy being able to play with this! Eeee! I love it! $4

$1 game from 1970 that teaches money skills.
Aaaah! I LOVE my new $2 mid-century lamp! *squeal*

Hope you all are having a good week so far! I can't wait to show you the goodies that I found for Christmas! 

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  1. OH! We had an ottoman just like that when I was a kid! Except that it was a dark olive-green sort of color. (It went with our shag carpet... seriously.) I loved that thing and would always flop on it. I finally popped the seam and all this sawdust junk came out and my parents finally got rid of it... sigh. ;)

  2. love this post. thanks for share. totally gets me in the mood for thrifting. i can't believe what a steal that ottoman was!

  3. wow. awesome finds!!!! lucky you!

  4. great finds!! i'm jealous - wish i could've been there, too :) i LOVE that ottoman!

  5. Oh wow! I never ever manage to find such amazing things at our thrift shops! well done! xx

  6. such amazing finds! i love that ottoman, and those felt slippers! <3

  7. the ottoman is one of my favs!!! love it!

  8. eeeeep! I'd hate for the first time I'm commenting to be saying that I'm jealous.. but I am - amazing sweet vintage goodness, well spied - well buyed boho mama! ;o)
    I especially adore getting my chubby fingers on any quilting hoops I can find!
    Mel :o)

  9. @melissa haha--THANKS GIRL!!! what do you do with your hoops? do you use them for sewing or decorating???

    @adrianna isn't it crazy!? i was surprised to find THAT many goodies!

  10. You so need to do a tutorial on how to do your dreads girl! :)

  11. I love fun and cheap finds like's the best!

  12. Are you being serious! That is one serious haul of goodness. And i thought I had a good thrifting werkend. Thats even better than a years worth of my favourite finds. The techno teacher is immense. xxx

  13. These are really really awesome finds. I'm a new follower - I love the direction behind your blog! It's so great that you're remaining boho, despite baby & beyond :)

  14. hi, I just found your blog, love your style , and your baby is super cute :)

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