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posted on: Sunday, August 21, 2011

 Yesterday was a SUPER fun day! Oh my goodness gracious! I was going to take really nice pictures with my canon, but...it was too much of a hassle in the moment. So, the faithful iPhone worked just great. I ended up going on a spontaneous trip to the heaven of antique junk yards called, "Clines." There are no words. You guys have no idea. It was AMAZING! I met two of my pretty lady friends up there, Tiffany, Rita and Rita's little boy, Justice. We explored the barns and fields of doors, windows and other old delights. After we got our fill of that wonderfulness, we went to lunch. (Rita is one of my heros in the music/worship area.  My heart was overwhelmed with smiles to get to meet and hang out with her and Tiffy!)

When that adventure came to an end, I went to baby Sparrow's 1st Birthday Party and spent the rest of the wonderful evening hanging out with all of our friends, eating ice cream and celebrating her little life! Enjoy some smiles.  

We had some great Saturday morning snuggles with our Forest boy. 
Driving down to Clines...so excited. 
Angels were singing. An outdoor antique junk yard of glory. 
One of these beauties will be my new headboard. EEEEE! 
Some finds of the day. Grand total of $15
I carried Káel in the ergo on my back while I sorted through and discovered treasures. The whole time I kept feeding him veggie chips to keep him occupied and happy. He was SO hot and worn out by the time we were done. He passed out instantly in the car on the way to lunch. 

Tiffy love.
Rita love. 
 I got lost on my way back home, which meant he got a good nap in while I had an extra 45 mins. in the car to my thoughts. 

Party time!
Birthday girl goodness!
 My fabulous friend, Jessie M. momma of the birthday girl.
When I got home, Sam had just settled in from his trip to the mountains, where he was doing a video shoot. I spent about an hour working on the pirate eye patches for Káel's birthday party, for next week. My folks are getting in on Thursday, the party will be on Sunday and my Gran arrives in at the air port a few hours before the festivities begin. Then, lots of our friends will join us to party with our little Forest boy! 

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  1. Oh be still my heart! Those antiques are precious! The next week sounds like so much fun for you, I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  2. I'm 21 years old and I sleep with the same stuffed animal as your one year old. Embarrassing? hahaha

  3. Sounds like I NEED to go to that antiques store... gimme a few weeks and a flight.

    xo em

  4. where do you plan on putting the windows i can't wait to hear about the birthday party! :)


  5. becca-haha, i think that is awesome! it's pretty much a mini body pillow.

    katie-I'm going to put them on my kitchen and master bedroom walls. :)

  6. Wow Tiffany is a friend of ours! Shes pretty awesome!

    Also love your glasses :)

  7. she is amazing! :) well thank you!

  8. Um...you know Rita Springer? Amazing, I agree, she is one of my heros as well. So heartfelt and great for soaking.
    I just found out Saturday that I am preggers :) God is so good!

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  10. You are the cutest momma of all time! I so wish I did not live so far away in Ohio land and could grab coffee with ya to pick your brain about your adventures and crafty/creative goodness! =)

  11. Love!! We have an antique door as our head board!! haha great minds think alike! We found it in my husbands family shed back home, brought it back to NC, cleaned it up just a bit and voilà we had a free and AMAZING head board!

  12. I have got to find this Clines place! Is it only open on Saturday? Looks like a dream.


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