iPhone Blogging And A Crazy Schedule

posted on: Monday, August 1, 2011

Ok you guys, here goes my first try at blogging from my iPhone...

Our internet won't be hooked up until Sunday and there is no way I can wait THAT long to blog! But hey, I am so loving my new house, my new neighborhood and I so want to share...Hurry up Sunday!!!  In the meanwhile, here is a run down of these past few days, in a nut shell:

Wednesday: Officially moved, loaded up the truck and slept in our new house.

Thursday: Woke up, went back to our old house to clean and gathered up the "few" remaining items that were scattered throughout the house. HA! Those "few" items turned out to be six more, completely cram-packed, SUV loads of stuff!

Friday: Back over to our old house to mop the floors and finish cleaning the kitchen. It was a huuuuge house!  Can you say cleaning marathon! Ha!  And, keep in mind, we were doing all of this with a teething baby. The piano movers came to the old house late in the afternoon to bring our treasured upright piano over to the new place. Sam stayed cleaning, while I brought Káel back with me and the piano movers to the new house.  After the delivery,  I came back to the old house (with Káel) to help Sam.  After we finally finished cleaning, we all three headed back to our new home. When we got there, we unpacked a few kitchen boxes, then hit the hay. (Whew! Am I making you tired yet?) ;)

Saturday: Sam cleans out the garage, back at the old house and takes a few loads to Goodwill. (Stuff be gone!) Finally!  Completely done at our old house! Now, on to more unpacking! 

Sunday: On a super fun and mega enjoyable note, yesterday I had a blast at my friend Caitlyn's baby shower! It was a pool party, with a frozen drink machine and the most awesome food ever! We drifted around in the pool, sipping our preggo, virgin pina coladas, enjoying sheer bliss for the day! It was so refreshing and was a much appreciated break after all the moving, packing and unpacking.

My hot, amazing moving man!

The dining room became a depot for the "undetermined" stuff and was part of the last to go.

As we cleaned, Forest boy discovered a new found friend...the vacuum. Ha!

Little man was so good at entertaining himself, while momma & daddy finished cleaning up. =)

Even though we purged like crazy before the move, we had an unbelievable amount of boxes!

Now to create some pathways as the unpacking continues!

My lovely mermaid beauties at the baby shower for Caitlyn on Saturday.

Precious and beautiful Caitlyn at her baby shower.

Today:  I am back to more unpacking and getting ready for a crazy full schedule for the month of August! Besides setting up my new home, my calendar includes preparing for a baby shower that I am throwing next Saturday, for a beautiful friend on their amazing farm! Two weeks later is Sparrow's birthday party. And, to finish off the month, the following week is Forest boy's one year birthday party! Ah! I told you it was crazy full! Ha! We've got lots going on and lots to do...and lots of joy and celebration!

Well, I think I have pretty much caught you up with my world. And even though my recap may sound rather choppy and repetitive,  that's what we've been up to. :)  And with the last few days behind us now, it feels so good to be able to focus on our new home! It is THE perfect amount of space for us and just a dreamy little nook of a neighborhood.

I'll be doing my best to get posts up, as soon as possible to keep you guys in the loop. Hope you have a great week and try and stay cool in this crazy heat wave that we are having!

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9 thoughts:

  1. Wow! Your house is gorgeous!

    I must admit, I miss you blogging haha. Hurry up, internet man!!


  2. Wow, moving is busy business! I love the photo of everyone in the pool, im impressed thal everyone inlc the kiddies are looking at the camera! xx

  3. Awww! Thanks Katie! I miss blogging, too! So appreciate your encouragement!

  4. your pregnant friend looks hot! she looks so adorable. :)

  5. WOW you are Busy!!!!! I totally know you will get it all done!

    The house looks great, and I LOVE reading your posts!

    You sound like soo much fun doing baby showers for your friends! <3

  6. I am LOVING your dinning room! Bummer about the internet!

  7. Little man loves the vacuum? Excellent! Teach him how to use it as soon as possible :)

  8. Ugh. Moving is so exhausting on so many levels. A baby only makes it worse. But I see you're surviving! You've made it to the top of the hill. Now you get to start making your way back down the other side. Happy unpacking!
    Oh! And great iphone blogging! :)

  9. I love the hardwood floors and crown moulding in your new house! as soon as you got internet and things have slowed down a bit...SKYPE DATE!!!


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