Bungalow Dreams

posted on: Thursday, August 18, 2011

I love our new little house so much, I can't even tell you! There are several things I really want to do to it to make more homey, tweaks, touch-ups and re-dos... I'm trying to organize my creativity and plan for one project at a time. But, sometimes my brain runs crazy and before you know it, I've knocked down a wall and added a second story in my head. hehe. I can't help it. Here are a few of the realistic desires of my heart for our bungalow home. You can find a ton of my ideas on my Pintrest boards HERE if you want to explore my brain a little more and find the sources to these amazing images. :) 

I'm up to my eyeballs in lists (yes, plural) today. First, I'm going to try and knock out the little Forest's bedroom today. Next, I need to do some party shopping. Once I get that done, I have many more things that are promising to be time consuming. Despite the craziness of this past month, I have to say I have had more fun than ever with my little boy. He is my happy treasure that makes me smile and laugh countless times a day. I can't imagine my life without him and the sweetness he brings to my heart. 

Have a glorious day! Oh, I wanted to share one more thing that blessed my heart SO much this morning. My friend Mandy wrote an AMAZING blog post last night on being real, and the expectations we put on ourselves as women, moms and wives. It struck such a true cord in my own heart and I wanted to share it. Click HERE to read her post on her blog She Breathes Deeply
The walls of our little 50's house were originally a color similar to this, thinking about taking it back instead of the now scruffed up white.  Or, perhaps I'll pick a weathered musty color instead, we'll see. 

Future project. 

I really want to find a ladder for my living room to place beside our piano. 

I'm going to make a door headboard for our bed! Who wants to go to the antique junk yard with me!? 

Probable future color of our kitchen plus I want to paint the cabinets an eggshell white color.

I found these on etsy one day and haven't been able to stop wanting them. I really would love these.

I want to do this in my back yard/deck. EEEeeeee! Mums, one of my favorite things about the up and coming fall season. 

7 thoughts:

  1. yeah.....
    I just painted my dinning room a lil lighter blue than that one, but same idea...

  2. i loved mandy's post. she is such a beautiful woman, inside and out.

  3. Great ideas.... I love the door headboard idea and the ladder! That blue is amaaazing... one of my favorite shades for sure. Sea Marie

  4. Ohhh so many adorably gorgeous ideas!! I love them ALL!!!

  5. I'll come antiquing!! :) Mandy's post was beautiful, they always are :)

  6. How about fresh white walls and blue ceiling?

  7. ooOOooo that's a cool idea...can you do it even if you have a popcorn ceiling? do you think it would look as nice?


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