Make Me Dream

posted on: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here are just a few drops of inspirations for you today!
These are some images that make my heart go crazy with fabulous thoughts.

amazing messy boho buns
the loose whispies go hand in hand with the free spirit behind the boho-chic style

mommy kisses

um...yes please. woodland dream bed.

little boy fashion

i want one of these some day over the rainbow.

earthy, boho couple
lots of layers, and ethnic inspirations going on with the gal there

my dream secret place

hippie mommas

eclectic boho layers and earth tone garb

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6 thoughts:

  1. I LOVE these photos. So inspiring. I want to dress like this more & more. Where do you shop, because I love love love this kind of style.

  2. Dear Kael,
    I asked my momma and she said that we could play together as soon as you are better. I hope you get better so very soon.
    For our play date can we play outside under the trees?


    P.S. I really hate that nose sucker thing too.

  3. These photos make me swoon - the hair, the bed, the gypsy wagon, the dream secret place - yes please I'll take one of each! :)

  4. I love these photos and your blog. Keep up the inspiration giving.



  5. I saw this woodland dream bed on Etsy and sent it immediately to my man! haha It's so dreeeamy. BUT the "secret place"...amaaazing! SIGH


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