Backyard Friends

posted on: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Warm days are treasures to me! We've had SO much rain and unseasonably chilly weather that a sunny day is kind of sacred now. Lorean, one of my closest girlfriends, dropped by my house last week with her kids Micah and Asher. (Who I adore like my own!)  Micah and Kael have been buddies since they were born and it was all squeals and giggles on our back deck, as Micah doused Kael with the water hose. He kept yelling for her to get him and she gladly obliged, haha.  They were both in heaven. When I heard all of their happy laughs and screams, I jumped outside to take a few pictures. I love these crazy kids so much and I love how they are growing up together. I can't believe they will both be 3 this year?! (tears) Memories of gold for me right here. 
BTW, If you have don't have a kiddie pool, put your water hose on "mist!" it's the best water gun and source of entertainment for warm days at our house! 

4 thoughts:

  1. FUN!! I wish my tot kept hats on!!


  2. I am so IN LOVE with this post!!!!

  3. Jess - This is one of my ALL TIME FAVS! Seriously!!! I can FEEL their joy and elation! It instantly takes me back to being a kid and loving the water hose and sprinklers on a hot day. The shots you caught and how you laid them out here, REALLY tell tell the story and are just fantastically delightful! Love, love love them!

  4. The expressions on their faces are priceless! Great post! Great pics!


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