Train Love

posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My mom bought this vintage train for Káel (more for decoration than anything) before I even had him. One morning, when I was rushing around trying to get ready and finding that I had a very adventurous little scooter on my hands, I grabbed this toy off the shelf and gave it to him to play with. I realized several minutes later that I heard no frustrated grunts or head bumps from my room. I peeked my head around the corner from my bathroom and there he was...sitting right where I had left him, talking happily to his new friend...the train. It is his favorite toy right now. The string connected to the train gets him so excited that he will sit in one spot for 20 min, squealing and talking to it, holding it over his head like a trophy.  haha. It's a precious sight to see. I'm finding that watching our boy enjoy something is my favorite thing in the world.

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6 thoughts:

  1. It's the little things in life that can cause us the most joy. Your son gets that ability to see them from him Mom and Dad. Love it!

  2. Holy smokes... SO adorable. :D :D Look at that face! Eeee!

  3. he's getting some hair on his pwecious head so cute.

  4. Oh! That 4th picture! The eyes!

  5. Just a little pointer for all you lovelies, who like myself love vintage toys...please be careful of little ones putting them in their mouth , they could have lead paint. Sometimes best to wait past the chewing stage with some older toys


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