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posted on: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was checking my twitter several days ago and noticed that the blog was mentioned in a tweet saying that I had been nominated for the Top 25 Moms with Style. Dude! I clicked on some links and found the Circle of Moms page and low and behold, there we were! So cool. Several of my other mom friends/blogging loves are on there too! It's been pretty amazing and a sweet honor. So, whoever nominated me, a big smile and thank you! Since then, we have been introduced to a ton of new readers and found several new blog treasures, which makes my heart SO happy. So, hey there pretty mommas!

For reals, the blog has been growing like crazy the past couple months. But, it really peaked 40ish followers in just a couple of weeks after we were put on the Top 25 Stylish Moms list.  I'm really excited about this and would love to be in the Top 25 by the time the nomination is over on May 5th. It would continue to help grow our readership and give us some more wonderful exposure.  I would be so grateful if you guys would vote for me once a day until then.

Just click HERE, find boho baby bump on the list and then hit the golden thumbs up button on the right.

Thank you all for following and sharing in our day to day adventure. Like I've said before, I love reading your comments and thoughts and I hope you keep them coming. :)

Have the loveliest week! We are traveling back home today and I can't wait to share some fun Dallas posts/ videos coming tomorrow and throughout the week.

happy travels to us and happy day to y'all!

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  1. I've been voting almost everyday. I'm glad you are up there in the top section :) :)

  2. um...oh my gosh you guys...i am super overwhelmed right now. i looked on the site and you all have been voting like crazy. thank you so so much. you all are SWEET-HEARTS!


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