Easter Weekend Part 1

posted on: Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter weekend was amazing! We had a surprise, a last minute trip to Dallas that was a blast! Little boy was still a little sick but, was the sweetest trooper and managed to give sweet smiles the whole time. These are some pics from a trip to my Gran's house the day before we left. This is the play room that I grew up playing in with the same toys and my first crib at my Gran's! It was amazing to get some pictures of my Forest boy in there. What a treat for my heart! We spent a couple hours going through and scanning old pictures, while Káel giggled and explored the "new" toys and played with the dogs. (He LOVED the puppy dogs!) I have loads more that I'll share soon, including some pics of when I was little playing with some of the very same toys! *sniff, sniff* My baby is getting so big! Oh, I thought I should mention that a little certain someone had pulled himself up in his crib when I walked in this morning! 

My parents were in heaven, especially since they haven't seen him since Christmas. Enjoy the pics, beauties. 
this big bird was one of my favorite friends when i was little

this little doll, was my favoritest dolly
my first crib @ my Gran's house

I want to thank all of you SO much for voting on the Top 25 Stylish Moms list with Circle of Moms! My heart was overwhelmed to see the response. You all are the sweetest dears! Thank you so much for supporting me. Hope you'll keep voting daily. There's a little over a week left and I'm super excited! 

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  1. I had that same telephone! What a gorgeous baby...

  2. My little girl loves her Sophie :) :) It's so fun :D The pictures with the puppy looking into the crib are sooo cute lol

  3. Oh he's so grown up looking in that last photo! How sweet that he got to play with your old toys. What a treat! :)

  4. OMG! I love this beautiful baby boy! It is so crazy looking at these and thinking that you were in that very same crib and that you played with the very same toys, in the very same room. WOW! Time does go by so fast sweetheart. Watching you be such a beautiful and loving mommy is one of the most precious and unexpected blessings ever! XO

  5. Your baby is so beautiful! He's so sweet; I love his reaction to the white dog. :)

  6. I'm in love with the third picture!!!!


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