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posted on: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This time on my tunes & such feature, I am going to brag about an amazing band that I know personally and love.

Ok, so if you have followed my blog for the last several months or have heard about baby Sparrow and my friend Jessie Mathis. (Sparrow was born with a heart defect and has already at 6 months old had two major open heart surgeries.) Sparrow is one of Káel's bff's and is a sunshine of a sweetheart. ;) Well, Sparrow's mommy and daddy shall I say it, rock stars. ;)

Sparrow Song Mathis

Jessie, her husband Mark, along with Luke (drums) and Jeremy (Bass) make up the band called Public Radio and they are pretty stellar. Their sound is awesome and Mark's lyrics are crazy amazing. My hubby, Samuel said that Mark is one of the best song writers that he knows personally. Yeah, he's crazy good. They are amazing and have some awesome opportunities ahead!

"We believe music should be accessible to the masses and have a sound and a message that appeals to a variety of genres; hence the name Public Radio."
this is Mark:
in Regensburg, Germany when they recorded their "Sweet Child" EP with Nicolas at Elephantom Studios

Jessie says: "Mark is our songwriter extraordinaire, lead singer and rhythm guitarist. I have to admit that i have always had a rock and roll heart and swoon for musicians. So, it wasn't so far-fetched when Mark stole my heart with his looks, his integrity and his rock & roll. I'm such a sucker... Mark's been playing music for YEARS and YEARS - but Public Radio is his rock & roll release. I am seriously not exaggerating when I say that writing brilliant music for Mark is like breathing. Jeremy and I rival to be Mark's biggest fan. I think I'm winning though.....he is my babydaddy. haha."

Jessie and Mark in Tel Aviv, Israel
(While in Israel, Jessie & Mark played in the music festival that my man, Sam directed there, which also happened to be the same trip where Sam and I first met - pretty cool huh?)

this is jessie:
(baby momma, rocker, indie rock/vintage fashionista)

Aside from being one of the coolest people I know, Jessie plays keys and sings vocals for "Public Radio". Her voice blends SO perfectly with Mark's and the musical chemistry between the whole band is so fun to watch! Jessie is so passionate about pursuing her and her husband's dreams on top of being a mom to two beautiful kids. It's inspiring and has blown on my own heart to remember some of my own musical dreams that I can still do with Sam, which will be fuel to my own kid's dreams someday. She is just hottness. period. ;)

this is luke:
Jessie says: "Luke is one of those people everyone wants to be friends with. he is such a talented and lively drummer - to see him live is the only way to understand his energy. We met Luke and Jeremy several years ago... and as long as we have known luke, he has lived within a few miles of us. (currently he and Charis live directly across the street!). They are our family. He plays at Elevation Church in Charlotte and tours with Carlos Whittaker. Here's his beautiful wife, my good friend Charis."

Charis has a really cool blog called Sea Station
their amazing wedding was featured HERE on Rock n' Roll Bride!
luke kills the drums

and this is jeremy:

Jessie- "Jeremy is seriously one of the funniest people on this planet. His joy, and silliness are irresistibly contagious. He plays the bass like a beast and believes in Public Radio - i think more than anyone in the world. He and his wife Jessie own and run an eclectic coffee shop & eatery called The Midnight Rooster. It's the cutest little shop I have ever seen! "

and here's jeremy owning the bass

mark & jess at one of the label showcases in LA - she was pregnant with Noah, rock n' roll baby bump action right here!
They met Steve Perry, the original lead singer of the band, "Journey" on this trip and he came to support them when they played. Jess said it was really encouraging to have him there. Epic, actually. He LOVED their set!

the EP 'Sweet Child' got some national attention and sent them to LA for 2 major label showcases!

Since the release of Sweet Child, Mark and Jessie had 2 babies, & Luke and Jeremy both got married! Recently they've been cranking out some new music and that new music is almost ready to be released! Boooyah!!! Problem is, with 2 kids and 2 wives added to the mix it's more than hard to afford to foot the giant bill it takes to make a record these days. Since the timing wasn't quite right with the major record labels, they need US to be their record executives. : )

You gotta watch this freaking cool vid

note: since the posting of this blog, the full amount needed for the album was raised! WOOOHOOO!!!!

Sweet Child is available on iTunes

Having a husband that is at heart a musician, I know that it's pretty hard to financially make it just doing that one thing that you love. Maybe you might want to join us in supporting the dreams of this amazing momma and poppa! They are SOOOOO close to their goal of having their album funded! There are 2 DAYS LEFT!

Jessie says, "So that's us. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you check out the kickstarter and keep up with our music. Mark and I love music and although it doesn't really pay enough to support a family of four - we really want our kids to see us pursuing our dreams. When Noah is 18 Mark doesn't want to look him in the eyes and say that we gave up our dreams to make it in the music world because we couldn't afford to with 2 kids. We want our kids to see us following our dreams, come hell or high water. How can we tell our kids they can do anything or become whatever they want in life if we give up on our hopes and dreams?"

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  1. it's so cool that you blogged about them today, because i've been listening to mark's cd "warship" all day today. i love his music so much!!

  2. I love what they wrote about how they will explain their choices to their kids. My boyfriend is a musician and he's constantly worrying about his future - I might just show him this post to remind him why he's doing it in the first place :)

  3. Lovely post. You seem to be encircled with some pretty amazing peeps! Thanks for sharing this with us. <3


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